I got BANNED from Competitive this season for alot of disconnects within the week before the ban, and unfortunate power outages

First of all, im new to the forums so im sorry if i made a mistake or posted this in the wrong section in the forums.
So basically i got banned from overwatch competitive recently in season 15( not an account ban). I got banned becuz ive been having quite a lot of disconnecting issues during the week before i got banned. And ive been facing alot of power outages unfortunately once a day within that week. It got worse when one day, i had the same outages in comp 3-4 times that day. Also this started when i upgraded my OS to windows 10. It was a lot currupt files and my download was stuck at 3.53 MB at a speed of 0.00b/s for like 5 hours and then it was still stuck during night time and after i woke up. Even scan and repair wasnt working the right way and it was stuck aswell. So i reinstalled everything which was sort of painful since Overwatch was literally my 1st ever purchased games. It worked finally. And my endorsement lvl got reduced to 1 but at my 2nd comp game, the game was stuck and didnt get me inside the character selection screen so i waited patiently and a warning popped at the screen where i simply was just reading out the player names, their rankings and their levels to wait it out. It was something like “you are about to be kicked for inactivity in 7s”. This happened to me 3 times within the week. And i was afraid of getting banned. And after having that exact issue again after getting the 20 hr penalty, i got banned for the entire season. I was frustated but i didnt bother trying anything with blizz support becuz i already tried like 5 times and it has a special message only to tell us that they dont appeal competitive bans for any reason at all. I mean id appreciate it if they would listen to my appeal not like they should simply unban me for that but it would help alot. Its somewhat similar to this thread who had some of these issues : Random Disconnects, Fear of Getting Banned for Disconnecting, No Way to Contact Blizzard Support
Im just afraid that ill get banned again or get a permanent ban from the game so i could use the help. Im damn well confident that i had no internet issues when my game was stuck during ranked before entering the character selection screen. I also get a bit more lag while connecting to ranked games but its not during the gameplay, its when i find a game or skirmish. This only happens when i play ranked(only when i play ranked).
Thats all i can say atm and im still frustated about the ban as i never got banned in any game like ever. So what can i do about this?

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I can’t advise you on your technical issues. But what I can say is please just play quick play until you get your connection issues solved. Your connectivity problems affect not just you but also the other 11 people you’re with. I have a hard time believing that your issues are only related to competitive play mode. But even if it is, open a ticket and work with Blizzard and don’t enter a competitive game until it’s resolved.


I had the same issue. one day and the servers of overwatch were unstable that i got afked 4 times at the start of the game. lost a lot of points cuz of that and now im banned for the whole season. i hope if someone can help me with this.

Please try to avoid necrobumping other tech support forum threads that are months old.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here: