I finished in diamond but the game says platinum?

Hidden MMR is what their behind the scenes system determines to be your actual skill level. I guess they are using it as your public rank to help create more balanced matches.

well that’s somewhat demotivating, was looking forward to being able to display my “diamond challenger” title this season. oh well, I guess

So this is the confusing part. I was D4 and reranked to P3. Still got my Diamond challenger title.

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Deranked? “Your rank was inflated.”

Ranked up? “You are now at the rank you deserved all along”

So which was it then? Was there a rank inflation or were people held back from their rightful ranks? You can’t have both.

If I was GM1 but the game didn’t even think me good enough to be in GM at all and bumped me down to Master 1, why then was I able to get a second account to GM5 with half the amount games and then stay there?

Why then did it bump my alt’s tank up from Plat 5 to Diamond 2, while my main’s tank got the exact opposite and deranked from Diamond 2 to Plat 5?

Everyone’s so quick to conclude that it’s all intended, yet it’s clearly as inconsistent as it can possibly be.

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I finished plat and i got Gold

Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023

To the heroes of Overwatch,

We want to keep you up to date on some of the bugs and issues we’re aware of that are affecting the game. This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting Overwatch 2, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience, and we appreciate y’all’s understanding. Our team is working to resolve these issues, and we will provide more information as soon as we have updates!

Current Issues

  • We are investigating an issue where Season Three end-of-season final ranks were modified causing lower tier rewards issued for some players, and for current rankings to have wrongly decayed. Players who reach their next Competitive Update should receive their expected ranks.
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Jealous, I hit master’s 5 last season near the end of the season. Played a few games but mostly sat on it. Got the diamond challenger title after my reranking to D2.

At least the drop wasn’t so bad.

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next competitive update? as in rank this season?

There are a few things that happened with the transition from season 3 to season 4. Some of these were intended, some unintended, and one only affected some GM3+ players:

  1. Some players at the top of GM were rank inflated. They pushed a fix for this that could lower the SR of some players who were GM3+.

  2. They (unintentionally) implemented rank decay for any accounts that logged in to the game during the first hour or so of the season. So players who logged in during that first hour were rank decayed. But they caught this and pushed a fix through within about an hour, so players who did not log in during that first hour were not rank decayed.

  3. Players who were (unintentionally) rank decayed got lower rewards. They are looking to implement a fix for this, but it’s not simple and they have no timetable for it. (I could say more about this one, but that’s the short version.)

  4. They’ve put in a fix for the players who were unintentionally rank decayed- after your first re-rank you should see your new rank that is closely aligned with your MMR, just as the players who did not log in during that first hour have already seen.

So… anyone who logged in early got rank decayed and got rewards for Season 3 based on that false rank. For these players, the first re-rank should display their correct rank. But the rewards fix might not come for some time.

Hope that clears things up.

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You just need to win 5 games.

Thanks for sharing that! I’m curious if that means if you got lower rewards than you should have if after completing your next series of comp games does it give you the appropriate rewards then? Or does it just put your rating back to where it should be?

Ah well, it’s not that big of a deal for me just excited about maybe getting that title still haha!

It won’t change your last seasons end rank, so no I don’t think you’ll get the rewards. For whatever reason it did not modify my end of season, and I still got my Diamond Challenger title, but it reranked me at plat 3 when I logged in yesterday (right after launch).

I’ll report back when I finish my 5 games tonight.

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Ranks weren’t even inflated outside of GM according to Blizzard. Ranks have been extremely underinflated for the majority of OW2. We had 2 seasons of the majority of players being in Bronze which was a very unhealthy state for the game.

I finished in plat4 on support but now game says I am GM1. Can I have your account instead pls?

I finished on play 5 and finished in master 5 apparently LOL. I smell cap

Busted my hump thru awful games to get into Diamond for the title (trying to get 'em all) - got no title. Got re-ranked to Masters 4 by the rank decay going away…still got no title :rofl:

I’m not concerned I’ll have time to get my 25 wins this season and get 'em next time around. It’s just hilarious.

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That’s so weird lol. Like, I don’t know why I got my Diamond Title/end of season wasn’t modified, but I got decayed for S4.

I’m doing my wins tonight but like, there’s no consistency to this.

basically, overwatch did a re calculation on how things work
for instance i was high silver in tank last season but now im bronze 1
but i was bronze 3 in damage last season and i am now in gold 5
i havent played tank in awhile but i have been playing alot of DPS/support and such recently
so maybe thats it

It’s literally a bug for the most part, on both accounts (rewards and decay).

Regarding some people ranking up, it could also either be a bug, or it could be how the update was supposed to work…

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I did my five games tonight and got put straight back into diamond