I find unranked to GM streams inspiring


top 500 players doing the bronze to GM challenge… that’s like watching a muscular person challenging a baby to a weight lifting contest.


But how can it? If a player is apparently much better than it thinks they are?

This is why you cannot queue with people more than 1K SR on either side of you (or 500SR if you’re Diamond+). So stuff like this cannot happen.

If you lose to high gold players as a silver, you will only be lightly penalised. If you win, you’ll be highly rewarded with SR (as long as you performed well in the game). But if you’re actually a plat player with a silver rank, you will beat gold players (because, you’re better than them) and be highly rewarded with lots of SR because the game thinks you’re only silver. Thus, you will climb quickly.


Could you please show me atleast one complete Video/Stream/Playlist of someone climbing from unranked to gm, completely all by himself?
In my experience, “friends” or other pros join the group when one of the
streamers reaches HighPlat / Diamond.

I think that’s because at this level mechanical skills are no longer enough to decide games and you have to rely on a team.


You do realize new accounts have way more dynamic MMR than old accounts right?


I can do a bronze to gold challenge and get back to my rank in about a day, there definitely isnt elo hell I’m just trash ;-;


Glad someone find some inspiration from this kind of videos, I won’t say the last season I played (guess is 3 or even 4 ago) I was stuck in high gold / low plat due smurfs or similar things.

Still I am completely against smurfing.

To me competitive bring only frustration and toxicity. So I prefer to stay out of it since don’t wanna drag anyone down with my dark humor on the matter and let him/her enjoy the way he/she play the game :slight_smile:

I will have a look on this ''road to gm ‘’ videos to check If I will find a last spark of will to go competitive again but I doubt it.


But only if the system thinks it was not a fair matchup.
I was in a premade group where the highest guy 2.1K while the lowest was 1200. When we lost the lowest sr guy lost 25 sr what is pretty much the avarage penalty you get maybe a bit more. The system set up an even 50/50 match so when she lost it was handled that way like it was an even match.

Not like this really matters here, becausr the devs wont give out the details how their system works we are pretty much arguing about the color of the sky. Its entirely pointless because none of us can prove hes right and none of us will without datamining blizzard. Its pretty much conspiracy theory vs cospiracy theory.


Super inspiring seeing how a dude that is already GM is bullying and smurfing his/her way up to people that in a realistic scenario have no skill or means to face that threat.

Yeah, I wish i could improve so much that instead of fighting people of equal skill I could bully everyone under my rank and mock them to entertain viewers and get money.

Amazing goals.



I mean, kabaji is still stick in diamond 12+ episodes later in his unranked to GM flex only series


There’s no such thing as elo hell. True. But people in general are nicer to streamers than your average teammates.

However, if you watch them,you’ll be sure that the streamer shotcalls entire match which is missing from your average games as well.

I’m pretty sure mechanically speaking, a gm is probably 10% better but they use covers/movements more efficiently than your average plat players. But they don’t miss key shots (i can’t hit one shot on a rezing mercy for example to finish her off).


SR is performance based. If you are a silver Rein player. The game will match you with people it thinks you are evenly matched against. If you then perform to a much higher standard than the average Rein at silver, you will be favoured by the SR system - win or lose.

Not to mention the fact that you are more likely to win since the player is apparently a much higher rank than the system thinks he is.


No. He’s not flexing on that. He’s playing genji only.


AH yeah I’m thinking of kragie actually (can you blame me?), he was level 60+ on a smurf and ended up giving up on the series because he was hardstuck lmao.
He said he would work on it as a youtube series playing off stream claiming the reason he was stuck was that he was being streamsniped but that was last month and i dont see any videos on his YT


The painful conclusion we all come to eventually.


The wording in “unranked to GM” is misleading IMO. You can have a fresh account and placed in GM. That’s going from unranked to GM is it not?

Now what about people with a fresh account and do their best to place in bronze or at least as low as possible then clime to GM? This IMO is a violation of the rules. You’re a GM person on a fresh account and throw to place as low rank as possible. These people should have their alts and main accounts banned IMO.


This is a big lie. You can’t carry a match unless you are 1k + SR.

If you are 2600 SR you are not carrying a 2000 SR gold match and you are not carrying a 3000 Match. This Streamers GM or top500 can carry cuz they are 2k SR+ over that.

You still forcing to play what is needed etc. Most of the players go instant Mccree thinking they can carry a game and no no no that will never happen unless you put on your Mccree 200 hours of FFA and at least 150 hours of ana-bots practice


I think there are a lot of players who have a desired sr and can’t be bothered to give it 100% or play new characters when they get too high. I am one of them. Tried bronze to low plat. But I want to hover around 1900 sr. More varied, easier games, less toxicity etc. I just have more fun there. If there are many people like me, then elo hell DOES exist.


I look to those streamers to report them. If they started low they obviosuly threw to get there


and the same happens on the other side, you can absolutely blame the enemy team for winning (you win) just as often, so in my book that cancels out and is therefore near irrelevant


would be more inspiring if there main was like plat or something and continued to get better.

if your top 500 going back to that rank isnt hard. nothing really inspiring about it. just ruining games to be honest.

maybe if they do mercy only then maybe but yea. not hard and cant be in elo hell if ur better than everyone in the lobby.

but if u think about it. elo hell should be like top 500 since they want to be number 1 but cant due to low progress of sr gains and big losses.