I feel like Lucio is perfect now (PTR fix)


The people on reddit sure do agree:


Also these two Lucio mains were very fond of the fix


Guy thinks it increases the ceiling by encouraging a mix of rides and jumps? Sounds like a good way to get sniped, but okay.


The prt updates that Im aware of are:

  • Minor wallride buffs, boop ammo buff, and unmentioned speed nerf.
  • Then they publicly said mentioned the nerf. ( Which I thought was just in my head)

Was there another?


They updated again after the update to make it so it won’t auto corner ride unless you hold the jump down for a certain amount of time. This makes it so he can still late jump, and therefore many of the rollouts are still possible. It fixes maybe 80% of what was horrible originally, but still leaves me with the feeling of a net nerf.


Well it sounds like they didnt fix what was really wrong with the nerf.


If you read the post you would have seen the patch note:

They made it easier to chain jumps together by adding a 1 second delay before going around corners. So you can bacically perform walljumps as easy as before, just with a slight speed nerf.


Which is still a nerf for a hero, that could easily have been argued, needed a buff.


Just no. This just further proves that people get greedy with their mains and can’t accept changes unless it’s a buff.


I don’t think he needed a buff. Changes in his pick rate and winrate have to do with the meta shifting around him, he’s been in a good place in terms of his kit since 2.0, other than that brief window where a bugfix made him suck. He definitely didn’t need a nerf though.

Jabba, I agree that asking for the whole package with no speed nerf is kinda greedy, which is why I propose they allow a legacy skates mode in the control settings that would revert all of these changes, and I’m even willing to let it affect boop if that’s what it takes for them to consider live lucio balanced.


It really does though. Now you have an additional way of being annoying. Doing 90 degree turns around corners will be better than making a small jump like you have to do on live. You can also use the wall-reattach to flee/engage on walls that you would normaly not want to wallride on since they didn’t have any nearby walls to jump to.


I’m skeptical, but I’ll keep an open mind and what you are saying in mind as I try to spend some more time on the PTR instead of sperging non-stop about this on the forum till they promise to revert.


Nice! I’m sure after some practice and trying out the old/new rollouts you will see what I (and other people) mean.


Yeah, I’ve gone through some rollouts, and they are clearly doable. It’s not rollouts I’m worried about as much as lunge potential on first skim. Perhaps creative wallriding can make up for it at medium ranges, but if you want to close distance and boop/burst/melee combo, that seems like it will be harder to do.


Perhapse not a popular opinion, but he most certainly did not need the speed nerf. The minor buffs he’s received wont change anything for people that arent new to him. It seems as insubstantial as a decal on a car would be.

For argument sake, lets say he got his ptr wallride system and the live wallride speed. What would the results be?

Experienced lucio players wouldnt really notice much. Its essential exactly what they have on live. I usually spend more time in the air, than on the wall or ground, only briefly jumping off the wall to build speed. For beginners, I dont think they’d even be able to utilize the speed for a while, but they would utilize the wallride changes.

These two parts effect different player bases more or less depending on experience. I want the speed back. He feels slow to me, and as though Im being denied a reward ( the speed Im used to) that pavlovian conditioning has taught me to expect. It is in my interest to fight for the return of the exit speed. The beginners buff’s have no interest for me personally, but if they dont impact me one way or the others and it help’s others, I dont see why both cant exist at the same time, on the same build.


Actually even experienced players would feel a huge difference because of reduced times you fall because of a failed a wallride/jump, the wall-reattach jump and utilizing the sticky corners.

They pretty much to that now. You can still play Lucio the way you do now, if not better because of the increase in walls to jump and new mechanics. All the new possibilities gets overshadowed because of one small speed nerf. To me the new wallriding is just as good as live, even though he got a speed nerf, because of all the new mechanics, allowing you to accelerate almost faster, do even more complex wallrides and a decrease in failed jumps.


Reddit also says wallriding should be easy to use and supports shouldn’t have high skill ceilings, so it’s not really the best place to seek confirmation on things.

I still prefer live Lucio to PTR Lucio and would rather the changes not go through at all and be reverted, but I can adjust to PTRcio if that doesn’t happen.

P.S. I’m not a very experienced Lucio main. I only picked him up again ~2 months ago but I know how he plays and works which was why I felt like I could make that thread.


You’ve pointed out some other things that may offer value to experienced players, but this one I find a bit confusing. Personally, I don’t feel like I end up falling due to failing my jump hardly ever. This seems like more of an issue for beginning and intermediate players.


As it stands live Lucio feels considerably better to play because of the difference in exit speed. I fail to see how changes to wall riding will make much of a difference when the only thing one actually use the wall riding for is to build up speed while breifly jumping from wall to wall, which is my case.


I agree, though it is r/luciomains where most of them are just that, luciomains. I just wanted to show @Dirkfunk I’m not the only one thinking the new PTR fixes are good. They allow new/average players to get better at wallriding while also allowing good players to keep their playstyle, if not improve it.


That rollout is actually not great. Going off to the left over the wall is much harder, but much faster. And it’s no longer possible on new lucio.