I feel like Lucio is perfect now (PTR fix)


Personally I feel like he is perfect now. If Blizzard want Lucio’s wallride to be more accessible to newer/average players they have certainly succeeded. And the fix that came yesturday made it easier for veteran Lucio players to jump from wall to wall similar to how it was before. Even my own trickiest rollout was made possible again due to yesterdays fix, if not even easier to pull off.


Most people still complaining about Lucio seems to have missed the fix that came yesturday. Even though the speed is still not the same as it is on the live servers, the chained jumps you can now perform on even the same wall justifies more than enough the speed nerf. Some rollouts are even faster with the new changes.
The muscle memory veteran players have gained are almost unchanged and the new changes makes it easier for average players. I feel totally fine with the changes going live.


I would much rather have the speed.


He is not even that much slower at all. The chained jumps you can now perform on even the same wall justifies more than enough the speed nerf. Some rollouts are even faster with the new changes.


It’s tough. I do like a lot of the changes to the wallride, but I agressively dislike the speed nerf. I just fail to see why it is there; since Lucio’s speed stacks are capped, it’s not like he could go any faster on the PTR than Live even if they reverted the speed back to 2.5, right? So I fail to see what the negative would be. He would be more accessable to new players, and retain the speed as it is on Live that he is known for.

I don’t think the PTR Lucio (as of today, 4/21) is terrible, but it does feel bad that he simply can’t go as fast, and frankly they’ve lowered Lucio’s top-speed with every Lucio patch for a while now…it feels like they have to draw the line at some point. Why have a character whose entire kit is built around speed, and then constantly knock his speed down, even when no one was asking for it.


As you can see on these clips, my rollout actually goes faster on PTR. I’m not certain PTR Lucio’s speed has gotten a speed cap, but one thing I can say for sure is that the acceleration feels almost improved.

All this wall riding practice down the drain

They did improve it but they can’t just continue to take away his speed and it’s not just about rollouts it’s about overall speed. He is WORTHLESS with less speed as he barely heals compared to other healers. This is a problem, I they need to put it back to 2.5 and most rollouts aren’t faster even if some are. Fix it Blizzard you can’t just nerf everything that makes him lucio by taking his speed


Is the speed the same? Where is the patch note?


There is no patch note. There was a patch yesterday that made it easier to chain jumps together by adding a 1 second delay before going around corners.
This means that you can now do the same kind of wallskimming jumps as you could before, just with a slight speed nerf. The speed still stack and the amount of new surfaces you can jump on because of the new mechanics means that some rollouts/jump combinations are even faster than before.


Ok, that sounds cool. Which surfaces?


Not exactly new surfaces, but with the new mechanics allowing you to jump on the same wall more than once introduces so many more routes you can take which would previously be very slow because you would have to wallride the whole wall because there were no other walls nearby to jump too.
I’ve also found it way easier to jump on slope surfaces such as rooftops and the slopes on the side of the bridges on Lijiang Garden for example.


All of the practical Rollouts i tried on PTR were still possible.
Only few really fancy, impractical Wallrides are not possible anymore (only possible with an additional Jump).
But that’s not a big loss to me.
I like that i’m able to jump multiple times on the same wall.
The Auto Cornering might not be an improvement to Rollouts, but it should be helpful in teamfights.
But i still don’t see a reason behind the 20% Speed decrease. I can live with it, but i strongly dislike it.


Yes exactly, I’ve found even some of my more fancy rollouts being even easier and faster than before. Some are harder though but I guess it’s just a matter of practice just like every other Wallride patch.


How many hours do you have on Lucio? I’m curious because I’ve not heard this opinion expressed by anyone with a lot of hours on him, at least not yet. Not that your opinion wouldn’t be valuable even if you are <100 hours on him, but if you are an aspiring lucio main who hasn’t already sunk hundreds of hours into him, you would be wise to listen to what those with more hours have to say about these changes. The consensus of lucio mains is that this lowers his skill ceiling, the very skill ceiling you are hoping to reach. Just because you feel like it is an improvement, or aren’t able to perceive that it is a nerf, where you are now, doesn’t mean that you aren’t essentially arguing for a cap on your own potential. I’ve seen plenty of lucio mains complaining after being made fully aware of the most recent change. The consensus now seems to be that it is no longer catastrophic, but is still an unnecessary net nerf.


I have 400+ hours on Lucio and play in mid Diamond, not that it’s very important to know. The Lucio mains were complaining about the previous PTR patch, not after the new fix. The change does not lower his skill ceiling at all, on the previous patch, yes, but not after the fix. You can play Lucio exactly the way you did before, if not better.

If Lucio would get his speed back, all of the changes would only be a straight buff. Asking for the speed back only makes you look greedy. They have opened up so much more interesting possibilities for wall ride with the wall-reattach, at the same time making wall riding a lot more consistent on levels like King’s Row that have obscenely lumpy wall geometry. The speed change is not that big of a change and I feel totally fine with the changes.


Unless they reverted the nerf while I was away, then no. He is far from perfect.


Okay. Just revert PTR Lucio to live standard. They tried an experement, and its clear it failed. Time to move on.


Well, good to know. I’ll stop saying I haven’t heard a single experienced lucio main say they don’t strongly dislike these changes, I now have a single exception. I still disagree, but now I am aware that lucio mains are not unanimous on this. Thanks for answering the question, and your opinion. I still think it’s a net nerf, but maybe you have a point that I haven’t fully explored the potential offered by same wall jumps. I guess I just haven’t founded myself ever needing to do that, but perhaps that’s because I’ve programmed myself only to consider the possible.


Now the most accurate thing to say is “Almost perfectly unanimous”.


Well, he has a point that most of the complaining was prior to the last patch, and some of the complaining after that patch may be coming from people who haven’t gone and tried it out. I have seen a lot of people say they think it is better but still a nerf, but maybe even those people are speaking without testing it all that much. I’ll admit, I haven’t put as many hours in on the PTR after this last change as Jabba.


The people on reddit sure do agree:


Also these two Lucio mains were very fond of the fix