I duo queued with my friend he got high masters and i got high platinum

My friend got got over 1000 sr then me and we both went 9-1 in placements and we are at the same sr in role queue so why does he get better sr when i have more golds? Can somebody explain?

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One of you had probably already placed in open queue or at least played it before so you weren’t both doing fresh placements.


Gold medals mean nothing. You simply played your own role/hero so much worse in comparison to other players.


? we both filled i played only 2 games with dps others were rein or zarya

How many did he DPS in?


0 he didnt dps he played like once Ana but all The placements he played Rein or zarya mostly rein

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Why did you ignore the second post tho

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:woman_shrugging:t2: Maybe his accuracy stats are lit AF…

There’s a tracking stat for Zarya I think. Or maybe damage blocked or… Something he had that you didn’t…

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It’s on fire % compared to others at that role/rank, which is impacted by elims, final blows, ult shutdowns, offensive/defensive assists, objective time, point capture, etc.

For example, a plat support might be expected to be on fire 15% of the time and a plat dps 19% of the time and a diamond support 17% and diamond DPS 21%. Just making numbers up because the real ones aren’t published. It’s about performance not just win/loss.


Yeah i forgot mention about my peformance being better then my friends. And he has already dropped to 3100 while solo queueing. I just think that the mmr system sucks in overwatch

But how can you say your performance is better?

You weren’t playing the same hero’s in the same game and you don’t know what metrics the algorithm measures. Maybe the ones it cares about your friend did better at. Just saying.

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Doesnt matter anymore really i Can get probably 3250 in 6 hours