I don't want to finish my placements

Last season I placed 2400 and fell to almost silver, and a big struggle to climb to mid gold in that elo hell. I’ve done 3 of my tank placements and all of them have been absolute garbage, my first placement was against high gold low plat but in the third one was low gold and a high silver, I don’t want to finish them and place at low gold, I’m scared of leavers

I done my open Q placements on 2 different accounts and placed nearly 600 SR apart lol


When you see teammates dying repeatedly to a Torb turret… Gonna be a rough placement game.


Then don’t finish them? lol. Problem solved!


the definition of 5head

You know your new account has a fresh MMR right?
No previous stats and matches, you’ll fall back to your old ranking the more you play.

I had seafood for dinner.


It’s super weird.

I finished 2706 last season, went 1 - 4 and placed 2580 on my one account.

Just did placements on my fresh 25 went 5 - 0 had some great maps and great

team mates and placed 3161.

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Matchmaker is set up to get maximum user hours. The more treadmill, the better. Keeps the investors happy.

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Who said it was a new account?

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How old would the account be then?

Knowing you would have no previous matches on open q with that account it technically would be a fresh account for that gamemode.

If it wasn’t new then that “different account” should have existed before Role Queue came out.

(I’m defining new as in new to the open q gamemode)

About 2 years old I think. Ive played OQ on both every time it was been available

I have 3 accounts (don’t ask). Each one, placed +/- 100sr from where ever I left it last season. So basically, they don’t matter. Both my trio partners didn’t believe me but the exact same thing happened to both of them. It’s like this with all competitive game modes in OW (roleque/openque/arcade).
Basically, just do your placements and don’t sweat it. Honestly, I usually see tanks gaining more sr than the other roles. (usually see around +/-100sr from where they left it last season, +/-50sr for dps, and +/-10sr for support - all assuming you personally tried your best to get the win). But if that still doesn’t comfort you, then just duo/trio que. I usually see the best results when I trio with my tank/dps buddies while I support so there’s someone who can “carry” in every role.

Try 2100sr appart. Great seeding, 0 resets, and placements that don’t ever offer rank changes. At this point, their dev team needs a reset more than the ladder.

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Yeah normally this happens, you can only go up or down 200 sr from the last season. But in this one people says there has been an mmr reset and it’s like a new placements

It’s only been an mmr reset for people who had an sr of 3999+ and they only did that so that T500 would be a more accurate representation of the T500 best players. (not just people cheating the system and purposefully only doing the required 25 games to show up on the leader-board.

so 500-3999 sr players are still just as “stuck in elo hell” as they were before.

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Oh thank you for telling me this, now I can go back to my routine of 50% winrate and hardstucking at mid gold!

trust me, this statement is all too relatable

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