I don't want 2-2-2 if it means 2 off-tanks or 2 off-supports

Yeah, get a squad of Lucio,Brig,Dva,Roadhog, and any other 2DPS, and you’d be pretty hard to kill below Plat.

I’d personally go for the Zen over Brig… he’s a better pick than Brig in every rank, but point aside, it’s entirely feasible. The number of times I’ve seen Zarya + Hammond absolutely wreck shop in QP or mid-tier comp is pretty crazy. And that’s with two tanks or supports–I’ve seen solo heal Lucio or solo tank DVa/Hammond/Zarya come out perfectly fine

Split Tanks/Supports into “Main Tanks”/“Off Tanks”/“Main Supports”/“Off Supports” And force a 2-1-1-1-1 role queue. It’ll solve ALL problems!

Right, but Zen needs peeling, and to pay regular attention to who he’s healing.

With Lucio+Brig all you need is to LEEROY JENKINS up to the front line, then AOE heal for days.

Perfect for low-teamwork comps.

What about the problem of not enough variety, and long queue times?

Not in mid-tier gameplay, he doesn’t really. People don’t generally have the wherewithal to focus him, so the peeling effort he needs is pretty minimal and usually adequately filled by your off-tank doing their job normally

Yeah, but we’re talking about games with nearly zero intentional Peeling, and no Shield Tanks.

Was more of a joke - I was kind of low-key making fun of role queue. I think 2-1-1-1-1 is a terrible solution :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter. Like I said, in mid-tier, your off-tanks just doing what they do normally is usually more than adequate to peel for Zenyatta since the enemy typically isn’t going to hunt him down

Oh I see what you mean.

I’m just saying with the current loadout of hero selection, and people’s general preference for dps.

If they did 3-1-1 flex and balanced around that I think it’d be ideal.

Otherwise, with 222 both healer and tank roles need more options

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maybe i’m just lucky, but in my actual comp games i have 4 or more dps in maybe 1 of 10 games, well ok i play a lot of zen so i never have 6 dps that might be one point

but i’m high plat/low diamond so nothing extraordinary

in qp you get 5+ dps all the time but in the end it is still about 50% winrate because you get that on both teams

oh and i get maybe 1 in 5 to 1 in 7 games a full goats comp

so role queue would “fix” only 10-15% of my games since the others are fine already (by the 2-2-2, 2-3-1, 1-3-2) standard

and the worst games are the ones where i am the only healer (and my ana is way worse than zen, mercy i never played and moira i don’t like, lucio is good but same as zen bad solo healer and well brig same) or where there is no main tank, that’s just dying repeatedly with the team shouting for heals

How about we homogenise all the classes so there are no main tanks or off tanks, just Tanks, same for healers, and all DPS are reworked so they’re capable of covering all bases!


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Well 1 main tank and off tank arent forced now so just assuming that when 222 comes in people will only do 2 off tanks and supports is pretty dumb

It happens a lot anyway, just like you get two DPS that put together don’t really work against what they’re facing happens a lot. The difference is you might have someone else willing to go main tank, or cover for that gap being left.

I mean, people have spent literally years complaining they got Widow/Hanzo/Genji as their DPS, and they they won’t switch. Now they’re demanding that they can’t do anything about it when they do?

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Why would it encourage people to do anything? I don’t know any one that would go to a different role if it forced them to play a character class they don’t want to. Even for shorter queue times. Unless they did it like LoL and they would queue as support or tank and then pick DPS anyway

I wouldn’t actually mind. Any combination of 2 tanks, 2 dps and 2 supports should be valid.

Blizz can use this opportunity to balance better off tanks and off supports to be on par to the “mains”

What I’m saying is maybe you are currently a player who has 2 DPS, 1 tank, and 1 support in your hero pool because you have to “flex/fill” all the time. You probably aren’t as good all around as you think. Maybe you’re much better at one of those roles.

If you had SR for each role then you could specialize in a role a little easier. You wouldn’t need to fill on an off role unless you wanted to queue for that role. So, maybe you could learn more heroes in your favorite role. And when you did flex to a different role your SR would be role specific so you wouldn’t be out of place. You wouldn’t be a silver tank in a diamond game because your DPS is diamond but your tank is silver.

I think it would affect player behavior.

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