I don't want 2-2-2 if it means 2 off-tanks or 2 off-supports

2 DPS, 2 Off-tanks and 2 Off-healers instead of 5-6 DPS?



i rather have 3 or 4 dps than a hog zarya lucio brig comp

I wouldnt. I’ve played enough games with Genji/Tracer/Hanzo/Widow, I’d like to see the game as it should be played.


This brings up an interesting question for me. Why aren’t there any off-dps?

Sym, Torb, Sombra, Bastion. Any of the niche DPS really.

Actually, yeah. Off DPS is a great term for Sombra.

I’d also add Mei.

I’m not totally sure about Torb, Bastion, or Sym… any of them can put out massive damage numbers.

Yeah, thats the idea I was going for. Its like in some meta’s you needed a pick/hitscan DPS + Other. Say, Junk, or whatever.

Primary DPS gets the picks or is hitscan. Off DPS brings some other utility.

still better than games without main tank and main healer

edit: sorry wrong guy i replied there


It’ll be 3 years before we have another 2, max. So unlikely.

Off/flex dps is generally considered those who cover the projectile DPS roles, and if there are any specialty needs (hog, brig, zarya)

For the most part though you just have “hitscan” and “projectile/flex” dps.

No, I wouldn’t think it’s better.


I keep saying it should be 1 tank, 1 healer, 4 flex, but no one listens…


Uh no it wouldn’t? Single main tank, single main healer, four dps most of which have self sustain is MUCH better than two off tanks and two off healers. People whine about not having a main tank more than they whine about not having 2-2-2 on ladder.

Holy, what a garbage take coming from these forums.

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I’d like 3-1-1-flex myself, given the options the game has at the moment.

I’d settle for this, honestly.

Zarya is quite good but people play Hog so much that I think he will be in every 2/2/2 game :confused:

Too limiting to DPS heavy lineups, if I understand you.

I’m talking about a system that is extremely flexible (what comp doesn’t have 1 tank and 1 healer at the very least) but also allows you to combat trolls by allowing you to flex onto main tank/main heals if you need to.

Maybe you could have 1 guaranteed DPS slot (it’d certainly hamper GOATS), but we all know cue times would then be horrendous for DPS.

That’s probably a good way to look at it.

Might not be great, but a ton better than the status quo.

Running two off-tanks is viable outside of super-high-tier gameplay. Running two off-supports is viable, and has been in super-high-tier gameplay (early Dive was Zen + Lucio).

I frankly wouldn’t worry about the tanks and supports. I’d mostly be concerned about your DPS locking someone like Pharah or Reaper then feeding all match

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It’s what’s called a compromise, but most people don’t know what that is lol.