I don't want 2-2-2 if it means 2 off-tanks or 2 off-supports

Right, the concept will also apply to all new Heros as well as existing.

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Well, I don’t know if it really applies to DPS tho.

You not only have this problem now, but you have many other problems. Forced 2/2/2 role queue would create new problems, but this isn’t one of them because it is an already existing problem.

What it would do is encourage people to focus on learning a role and maybe one of the off-tank mains might know how to play at least 1 main tank well.

Well, they’ll certainly be able to make tweaks to those Heros knowing there will only ever be 1 other Damage Hero in the group.

I’m sure that’ll turn into buffs for some of the currently more “non-meta” DPS Heros.

Basically that… Would also be better then GOATS.

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2 off tanks and 2 off supports is better than having none in a team. At the very least its better than having just 1 off tank and 1 off support and nothing else on those roles.


I’m not attacking you by pointing out your rank, but your rank is relevant.

A flanking McCree can work until you get to diamond, and then that McCree is just throwing the game. Flanking McCree isn’t viable just because it works against bad players.


It’s still being discussed because recently there have been several interviews with Jeff about Role queue. And in those interviews Jeff confirmed that he is a big fan of role queue with separate SR, there are some problems that need to be addressed, and that they have people working on it right now.

What you may be thinking about is that he doesn’t want just 2/2/2 select or 411 forced metas. But they are seriously considering a role queue.


Well, the problem I run into is that I really like running Roadhog as a 2nd or 3rd Damage.

I also like running Mei as a 2nd or 3rd Tank.

Thats why 1-1-1 and 3 flex is better than 2-2-2.
But I would take any of those rather than play the game how it is now, which is ridiculous mess.

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Imagine loading into a game and the only four heroes lit up were Reinhardt, Orisa, Winston, and ball.

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Why would any method that encourages SoloTank/SoloHeal be an upgrade?


Arguments if this nature just make me feel like they should remove all but 6 heroes from the game and put character queue in play.

It’s a slippery slope my friend.

Because 2 flex - 2- 2 just = More GOATS. and Goats-like comps.
If the option is there then it will be picked, if its an easy way to win games. Why play something creative or fun that will get you more losses than wins, if you have the option of a cheese comp that will get you a much much higher win rate. No matter if un-fun.

Why would the 2 flex players pick any of the DPS heroes, that most are trash or un-viable, if they can pick a Tank or Support that does their job better and synergise better with the team. Masking each other weaknesses.

Also the fact that we are back to square 1, of not being able to balance certain heroes correctly because of stacking abuse.

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But “Who cares”?

Like seriously, is not relevant to 99% of the Comp+ Quickplay playerbase.

I really don’t understand your reasoning here after this next patch comes out.

And it seems like the devs are fully committed to balancing GOATs, well before any sort of role queue system would arrive.

Why? It’s not going to make the Hero balancing more homogenized. On the contrary, they can do the complete opposite. They can have each Hero within their respective role be a more specialized version of themselves, knowing there will only ever be 1 other Hero of the same role in a party.

This will encourage players to expand their Hero pool within their chosen Role and encourage actual countering in Comp Mode that currently does not happen, by swapping to another Hero within the same role that better suits the situation/team Comp. Even mid-match.

Also, they can make each Healer/Tank an actual Healer or a Tank…rather than some amalgamation of every role under the sun.


Welp, back in “good old days” zen and lucio together was a good support team to be honest, even as off supports.

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Imagine if all the people complaining about not having a main tank would learn a main tank in case its needed.


I think Baptiste will change the support meta at most ranks on PC which will influence the tank meta.

Ana’s the dominant healer at the moment despite not having a great winrate.

Baptiste is to oversimplify a bit an easier version of Ana as such, I think he’ll pick up a fair number of Ana players.

I’d argue that Baptiste doesn’t combine with Rein as well as Ana does and that he works with Orisa better than Ana does.

Lucio who covers for Ana frequently will be a bit worse at helping the team.

TLDR: Baptisite may be sufficiently overpowered to make Rein being overpowered irrelevant for the time being.

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People have been complaining about not having a tank, healer, etc. since the dawn of this game.

You think people are suddenly going to start learning to MainTank now?