I don't want 2-2-2 if it means 2 off-tanks or 2 off-supports

Yer no it really wont

Not support. Because while DPS outnumber other roles a lot, supports still wildly outnumber tanks.

I think you’re confusing support players, for the number of support heroes.

All of my comments referred to the number of players, not heroes. People willing to play support are far in excess of players willing to play tank.

I don’t find heroes without aiming requirements fun to play. You don’t need to be a jerk about the fact that other people find different things fun.

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Pulled this week’s pickrate numbers from Overbuff into excel:

Comp seems pretty balanced, with more Tanks than DPS even:

  • Damage 31%
  • Healer 36%
  • Tank 33%

Quickplay is less Tanks, but not nearly as few as you seem to be implying:

  • Damage 44%
  • Healer 32%
  • Tank 24%
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Ok, so here’s the thing, there’s this game Nintendo has, called pokemon, it has 18 types, all of which are an amalgam of heal/tank/dps, unlocked role reqs, teams of 6, with 807 heroes to choose from for a team… and yet, that game has better balance than this one.

The blame for bad balancing, or blizzards inability to balance, has nothing to do with roleq. Will roleq make it easier for them to balance? Sure, obviously. But that’s why I’m saying let’s all take the hit and make it really easy for them, and only have 6 heroes.

Heck, if you just want straight up dps, tanks, and heals with no amalgamation, then let’s just do 3 heroes.

Well, that’s not as bad as I thought, but not great. However, I think the number of people who don’t want to tank and are just sucking it up not to lose is high… and the number if not-actually-tanking off tanks is high too.

Perhaps, but I think the number of intentional-tanks would go up, if they knew they had some decent healing.

Then if you had a role queue and didn’t queue for tank you wouldn’t have to worry about that any more. Someone else will play tank.

This ain’t it chief. Main tanks will always be required. It wouldn’t be Overwatch if you just didn’t need tanks anymore.

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2 DPS, 2 Off-tanks and 2 Off-healers instead of 5-6 DPS?



i rather have 3 or 4 dps than a hog zarya lucio brig comp

I wouldnt. I’ve played enough games with Genji/Tracer/Hanzo/Widow, I’d like to see the game as it should be played.


This brings up an interesting question for me. Why aren’t there any off-dps?

Sym, Torb, Sombra, Bastion. Any of the niche DPS really.

Actually, yeah. Off DPS is a great term for Sombra.

I’d also add Mei.

I’m not totally sure about Torb, Bastion, or Sym… any of them can put out massive damage numbers.

Yeah, thats the idea I was going for. Its like in some meta’s you needed a pick/hitscan DPS + Other. Say, Junk, or whatever.

Primary DPS gets the picks or is hitscan. Off DPS brings some other utility.

still better than games without main tank and main healer

edit: sorry wrong guy i replied there


It’ll be 3 years before we have another 2, max. So unlikely.

Off/flex dps is generally considered those who cover the projectile DPS roles, and if there are any specialty needs (hog, brig, zarya)

For the most part though you just have “hitscan” and “projectile/flex” dps.