I dont understand OTHER Mercy Mains

Pickrate alone doesn’t tell us if the character is mained. What I meant by “most mained” is most amount of players who don’t/hardly play other characters.

You can see why that kind of player gets riled up if their main is changed a lot, as opposed to people who might shift to other heroes

Where are you getting the evidence that she’s the most mained? Seems to me like you’re just making assumptions now.

Devs told us, it’s Mercy and Genji, not sure in what order, I’ll admit. I think they mentioned it in one of the dev update videos (probably the one about the Mercy rework).
Sadly we have to take their word for it because their data is more complete and wider-ranged.

Hmhmh. Fine. But I really don’t think that’s an issue.

In an ideal world, no. It does put more pressure on the devs though. But true, I can only guess what effect that has, if it even has any.

Which isn’t the source of our complaints.

Depends on where you look.

In GM, she has a pickrate very close to Sombra’s. She is also the only hero in the game with a sub-fifty percent winrate in GM. Considering that GM is the place you want to go if you are looking for competitive play most heavily dictated by who are the best heroes/what are the best compositions, and Mercy certainly is… sub-par, to say the least.

Your personal experience does not accurately reflect upon reality. Mercy’s average healing/game dropped by about 1500 after the nerf, dropping her output below Moira… when the developers have outright stated that:

In reality, your go-to pick for raw healing power is now Moira. You pick Mercy when you want to play a hero that needed to be gutted to make room for an ultimate on a cooldown.

That’s like saying Widowmaker would take more skill to play and be more fun if her scoped damage was reduced below double-tap level for 200 HP heroes. It doesn’t accomplish either of those; it just pulls her into garbage tier.

I’m looking at your profile right now. You have a 58% winrate on Mercy in competitive, and you aren’t ranked this season. You played 54 games in the last season you played, which tells me that you have not played at all this season. Otherwise, there would be a rank displayed.

This raises questions as to where exactly you are getting these pictures and stats from. Do you have an alternate account? Why aren’t you posting on that account?

It’s all here.


What’s the margin of error for Overbuff? Because if it’s any higher than 2%, it completely invalidates any claim that Mercy is underpowered, as it includes 50% winrate in it, and creates overlap with Ana.

But you can’t measure it. Because you don’t know margin of error, and can’t establish it. Because your data set is random and incomplete.

Anyway, if you don’t get this, there’s no point in continuing the discussion.

The correct question is - what is the sample size of Overbuff? How many users does it have? Given this, it’s possible to calculate the probability that Overbuff has been consistently off by 2% for over a month. According to the numbers on their site, they have 486,339 users.

If you are sampling at random from a population and your sample is that size (or even 100 of that size), the odds of showing a stable trend over a whole month that is 2% away from the actual numbers are unimaginably low (like 1 out of the number of particles in the universe low).

You have a strange fear of randomness that is not based off what happens in the real world. Suppose a coin was flipped 20,000,000 times. You were watching tv, so you only looked at it 486,339 times at random. But in those 486,339 times it always came up heads. This is technically possible if the coin is fair. It’s not proof that the coin is weighted. But any rational person would be more than justified in concluding that there is an overwhelming probability that the coin is weighted.

It’s irrational to say that no reasonable opinions can be formed due to the fact that the data set is partial and random. I’m willing to wager that you can’t possibly apply this principle in your day to day life.

In any case, I’m not sure where you’re getting your information about probability from but it’s wrong.

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You know whats kind of sad but still a bit funny about the rework? Initially they really thought it would work out. I mean the devs and some youtubers/twitchdudes really thought this would work and make her more skilled. Funny how this crap came down upon us all and broke the game and hero.
No idea why didnt go back after realizing its not gonna work. Maybe they wanted to show everyone that it will work out eventually. Anyway it caused more harm than good for the game and the community.

Actually someone posted a breakdown of how mathematically Mercy cannot output the same amount of healing as Ana and Moira somewhere in the forums - and there’s a great video on youtube from a Mercy Main showing that how their super high Mercy gets about 1.5k less healing on average than their grand master level Moira and their Ana. So, if someone playing Moira/Ana at a much lower level than Mercy can get more healing, I think it shows easily that her healing output is simply much lower than theirs now with the nerf. Even looking at Overbuff Mercy is only 1k above Moira right now, and that’s factoring in past stats pre-nerf.

I’m not saying she’s viable. Her nerf is technically not massively game-changing - It’s a number nerf, and it was weaker than Ana or Moira’s healing, it was not on par with them. They had far more burst healing potential.

I’m countering your argument that resurrect is situational and weak. It’s super powerful and it’s not by any stretch of imagination.

If Mercy’s healing was weaker than the other’s before, res made her stand out and work. That’s all.

You have bad teammates then. Get on mic, when a flanker is after you let your team know “Genji behind, targeting me”, easy. Someone always turns around and helps me. If you are not on mic it’s harder for people to protect you because they can’t be watching all the time like a babysitter. If you get on mic and ask for help and nobody helps that’s on your team, but at least in my experience if I take the initiative to ask for help then people help me no matter what support I play.

Mercy having any amount of healing above Moira is already insane, the entire premise that Mercy should have more healing than any other support is dubious because Mercy provides more value with Resurrect than any other support does with their utility. She isn’t unplayable with the amount of healing she is doing now, she is still being played in the World Cup at the moment, and trying to sell people the argument that she is unplayable isn’t going to fly because people who aren’t ignorant of the game in an organized team environment know how situational Ana and Moira are. No kidding Mercy can’t do the same amount of healing as a Moira when her whole team is standing in an AOE heal or an Ana has an aimbot, why would you ever pick Moira or Ana if she could?

Valk does need a rework. It was created with multiple resurrects in mind. It was more fun to use because of the Res resets and the fact they were instant. Now it’s not even half of what it was intended to be.

Since it was INCREDIBLY OP/Broken when it was released, it did deserve to be nerfed. It’s just ended up needing to be SO nerfed that it is incredibly un-fun now. So, I, an Ana main, do hereby agree with a Mercy player that Mercy’s ult needs to be looked at.

Thanks so much <3 i feel like the biggest problem of mercy on the forums right now (yeah because in game i NEVER see anybody complain :thinking: interesting)

is just a classic hate train and circle jerk… Looks like they are kinda out of the reality of the game. I can agree on realistic feedback and critic but that’s not the debate for a long time; if you read recent posts it looks like everyone hate Mercy and the only goal of dps players is to blame mercy. that’s nonsense! Most of the time Mercy get praised for their goodworks and nice rez…

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Exactly - people seem to think that where she is is ‘fine’ because the power balance has shifted to something that is more fair for all healers across the board. It doesn’t however address the issue that her current state is just a total snowball of badness from a rework that never really managed to be viable in the first place. It might have worked with some tweaks, but they just nerfed her into the ground because Valk battle mercy was ridiculously OP.

When you’re ressing someone like Profit, sure it’s valuable - for the rest of us average joes however, we’re just ressing average people. It’s valuable in some ways but it’s not as reliable or valuable for Mercy as a player as something like grenade. You can always use grenade, you don’t need someone shielding you or putting yourself out there to pop it off. Sure, res circumvents about 10-12 seconds of inactivity from a player, but is that REALLY so valuable to make it the be all end all of abilities when most players aren’t ressing pro’s in the World Cup??

Valk is just a terrible ult balance-wise and fun-wise (outside of FFA, but the game shouldn’t be balanced around that), it lasts too long, it’s easy to charge, it boosts Mercy’s numbers through the roof, it doesn’t feel impactful at all, and it removes any decision making from Mercy’s kit.

People complain about rez, but IMO the real culprit of Mercy’s current state is none other than her ult. I mean, having an ult that can basically last an entire team fight, that can be attained for almost every team fight and that feels as disengaging as Valk should have never been a thing.

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Completely agree, I think it was a huge misstep and they’ve been struggling to make it work ever since. It was over powered, sure, but it also significantly altered her playstyle in a way that fundamentally shifted how engaging she is to play.

Mercy for the widdow and pharah