I don't think OWL gonna reach more than 70K viewers


Calling OWL fans “aliens” is a bit insulting, don’t you think?


People that want the points for skins. Then you are going to have a bunch of AFK people still watching.


Overwatch League have everything to fail, tbh.

While it is a “good idea” overall, the whole OW Community feels neglected of content, recicled events, not so “new” stuff coming to the game outside of the regular schedule. People blame OWL and people are right. Because it is the League’s fault.

Blizzard pushed a League Tournment when the game was repetitive and lacked content, now they don’t find time to fix the game, add new content to keep it fresh and the time they have left, they use it to make OWL skins and emotes to fake boost the League Views. Everyone knows OWL is a failure compared to other E-Sports and will keep like it if Blizzard considers a “game-changing update” adding a Endorsement System and give ups maps, heroes, features, game-modes slower than Elon Musk will touch Mars.

With this I want to say, I do think Overwatch League had a lot of potential but it was way too rushed and I blame it for the lack of new content on Overwatch. And it will flop (again) because the entire fanbase knows that too, and the majority who watch it is for the in-game rewards you push in the streams. Most aren’t even really watching.

Add content, make the players and fanbase happy and entertained and OWL will be boosted with it too. Or is xQc you way to “boost” views again? Because even him is getting tiring of “now I’m in”, “now I hate blizzard”, “guess what i’m back again”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns to OWL 2 (…) He’s way more talked about due to his scandals than the league itself.


Well 400 was the peak for s1 and it was the first day. On top of that it was mostly because it was something new.

No. I mean they will need people from other planets to join and watch if they want to get these view numbers cuz the ones on Earth won’t be enough.


I would check it out if it wasn’t in such abysmal hour. Last season I watched like 4 games and it was quite taxing. Same 6 heroes played over and over.


Yup, and that’s why I said 200k. What’s your point. Where do you disagree exactly.


I think the OP meant on average.


More countries getting tokens = More viewers.

Which countries got tokens so far?

  • The most popular countries
  • Countries with teams/players in their esports
  • And nothing else


Judging the OWL fans against the number of OW players will lead you to this conclusion, certainly, but believe it or not there are far more actual OWL fans here on earth than you’d like to believe. And we’re not all millenials watching on Twitch. Some of us old curmudgeons watch TV on TV still. I’m extremely happy about the new TV deal they signed with ABC, means I can watch more OWL on my preferred medium. Those numbers count too, right?


Yeah then Activision gonna be like “WE HAD SUCH BIG NUMBERS!”. Don’t watch OWL- don’t give them ANY viewers. None.


My enjoyment is not tied to yours. I’ll be watching as much as I can.


Nope. I will watch it because i like it.


The funny thing is. Is that recently a 4-2-1 comp is becoming a viable counter to goats. Using a solo tank ham, sombra and other fast pace self sustaining heroes to beat goats. Downside is, is that this comp gets destroyed by litterly anything besides goats.


you mean the 1 league coin you get per match watched isn’t enough?

but that means you ONLY need to watch like 100 matches to get a free skin


1 token per map, not 1 per match. And there’s also the random 100 token drops, if they’re doing that again this year anyway. Last year I earned enough for 6 OWL skins without spending a dime, but I didn’t watch 600 maps live.


i was way unlucky then. i watched dozens of games and never got the 100


I don’t feel neglected. The people I play with don’t feel neglected. This is actually not that big of an issue as these here forums would have you think.


Well, here is a fact for you OP : They are going to fit more the EU schedules for many matches/rounds so that is going to bring views to the table.

Honestly, it would be actually pretty weird that they don’t break the 70k average if you take that in consideration.


It’s going to have at least 150k because people want OWL points.
Towards the end of the season though sure, it will taper off.