I don't see the outline of the enemy

I don’t see the outline of the enemy.
In the setup window, too.

it has been reported multiple times.

does changing the color work?

just throwing the idea out there :smiley: (temp fix)

do you have “player outline strength” set to a low value?

Thanks for the report. While we look into this issue, any examples of this behavior you can share would be very helpful.

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I have the same issue. The characters are also very small. The depth is not right.

I can’t upload a screenshot to show you though.

Example: https://youtu.be/YGpd9ueX0oo

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Hi Chris, I just figured out what was the problem, somehow after the update Player Outline Strength was set to 0.

For those who don’t know where the setting is(Options - Gameplay - Player Outline Strength.

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Thank you for the update! You are correct and setting the “Player Outline Strength” option to 0 will significantly affect enemy player outlines.


FYI I had this same problem after the most recent update. I’ve been playing for years, never had this issue. But my player outline strength was set to 0 after the update.