I don't know where to put this, but it's a request

Hello there, I’m having a problem, but it isn’t really technical, it’s more to do with comp, this category just seems like the best place to put my post so that a dev can see it.

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now, and I finally found a friend group that allows me to enjoy and appreciate competitive. Unfortunately, soon after I found this group and placed in support the very first time, which took place about a year ago, I dropped my computer and destroyed the screen.

This development made it impossible for me to play, and didn’t get fixed for quite a while, maybe a month or two. During this time, my SR dropped from 1600 to 1200, and has stagnated and slowly declined ever since due to the sheer number of smurfs found in almost every game.

Also during the time I couldn’t play, my teammates continued climbing up the ladder and are now high enough that I am literally not allowed to play with them, simply because of something out of my control. All of this to request something very common, just so I can play with my teammates again.

All I’m asking for is a slight support SR boost back to 1600, nothing more. If you want documentation for my problem, just look at my account, you should be able to see all of the data you need.

I already applied to the support department a day or two ago, but unfortunately despite the work my GM put into finding a solution, he couldn’t fix my problem and told me to look here.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my post, and I hope that you decide to help me and resolve my problem.

Their customer support staff (the staff here/those answering tickets) cannot adjust SR, so I’m not sure about being directed here to look for a solution. Maybe they were suggesting you could add your feedback about how the system works in a forum post, which you can, but it should be posted in #competitive-discussion because it’s not a technical support issue (crashing, disconnects).

That being said, decay is a normal part of the system, and it’s the player’s obligation to re-climb. Allowing people to take breaks from the game, whether they are by choice or accident (broken computer) and then boosting their SR would be a slippery slope, so they choose to not give SR boosts to anyone.

You can read more about their policy on SR refunds in the thread pinned to the top of this forum:

Alright, I appreciate your help. I do understand how adding SR could lead to many problems, so I can respect their choosing not to add it to anyone.

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