I dont care about my rank anymore, do you?

I get the frustration completely and trust me it is valid, I hear you. One person can definitely make the difference and after all it is a team game. I know it’s unrealistic but I try to be my own beacon of hope and try my hardest and harder every game… Someone has to be consistent in order to change the common experience one day, right?

We do need a harsher ban system. You throw one match you cheat one time. That’s it. Permanent ban.by throw I mean intentionally letting the team kill you or jumping off the cliff repeatedly.

Next step is to ban smurfs. They ruin the game and the ladder to shorten q times. Which is why performanced based Sr has to go.

Use the players ip to allow them the one account. The amount of gm and masters in diamond and plat are just sad.


Do you like to be in your rank? Are you happy in it?
I personally DONT like being in diamond cause the tanks I get always seem to be a gold player. I also hate being in platinum because we usually end up getting gold healers that don’t have much healing output as these characters should

i.e Mercy, Moria, Baptiste

I know I can’t control people and their skills , I personally don’t care about climbing to masters anymore as I have already reached Grandmasters multiple occasions in the past. But I don’t wanna finish the season off in gold.

There are already algorithms set for players with this type of behaviour. And it’s why it isn’t a punishable offence for leaving a match.
Specifically talking about reporting offence

And the reason for players not being permaband from a competitive season is the individual may have disconnected due to a technical issue. And as there is no possible way to distinguish these disconnections, a tier of punishment algorithms are set to combat both issues on the behalf of the team they vacated from.

Addressing the IP restriction to making accounts: is not a necessity to solving smurfs. Your depriving players rights to creating accounts, while the developers go against smurfing some players use this opportunity to learn heroes. Now I Know not ALL players use smurfing to learn a hero but there are some people out there who do this. Restricting IP addresses will introduce multiple issues, such as:
An account has already been made on the IP Address and only addressed to one person when there maybe multiple people who play Blizzard Games.
If the account was permaband from Overwatch it would apply to the IP address the account is created on

Doesn’t change the fact if you throw yourself off the ledge intentionally killing yourself. Ban. Instant. if the game can detect if you are not moving and kick you for being inactive it can’t detect if you throw yourself off the ledge multiple times.

I have never had one person I reported for this actually get punishment because I didn’t get any message saying so.

Detecting a player from being inactive and a player leaving a match are two different things

As previously stated by Overwatch:
Why am I penalized in Competitive if I disconnect before a game starts?

This type of penalty is there to avoid queue dodgers. In old competitive First Person Shooters, people could fake tech issues to avoid certain teams or players. There’s no way to tell the difference between someone who disconnected intentionally and an accidental DC. As a result, the moment you are selected for a Competitive match, that’s your match. If you lose connection after that point, the penalties are active. In comparison, other modes will backfill the position and queue you for a different match. You may not even notice it happening in other modes because it’s all handled on the back end, but may experience other connection issues.

Link to the quoted information:
Overwatch Technical issues and SR loss, and leavers penalties.

I’m not talking about.leavers. people disconnect it happens. It’s like you aren’t reading. Now on the other hand if you press that leave game button the suspension should be harsher.

This also is accounted for as leaving a match. Throwers also intend to leave matches and I’m currently explaining to you about the punishments for leavers, and why the punishments aren’t as tough as you think they should be.

Me I personally agree with you, but a lot of what I said explains quite a bit why Blizzard cannot enforce such rough punishments straight away

If you wanna pair up in plat I regularly pull 1.5 - 2k/per minute 15k & 20k per 10/m on Moira, in plat.

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To answer the original question:
No i dont care either.
Im a Healer Main … Most Healing in Game ? Does not matter, only a sign of “you know you role” but you can’t outheal 5 People executing your Tank.
Sure im the problem tho.

I just dont care anymore … im glad if my Teammates are able to pick a Hero … any Hero in fact.
I had such bad Team Luck the last few Seasons i dont expect anything.

Advice: If your Team Manages to find the “Pick a Hero Button” be glad !

Cool, thank you so much for the tips! I’ll try that :slight_smile:

I just lost over 60SR for a loss. Didn’t rage quit or anything, just a normal loss ~

To answer your question, no I don’t lol

My next game after that was vs a smurf that totally rekt our whole team, then the next one we had a tank that started dancing in spawn instantly… no wonder peopple think forced losses are a thing

Rank means nothing in a game that works to force even matches every single game. You can’t have forced even odds, and a ranked ladder. Nothing works that way.

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Yep. I stopped caring the moment both Tank and Support made it to Gold by the end of Season 19. I climed from Bronze-Gold on my main roles, so therefore I am proud.

Tank role is currently sitting 8SR away from Gold for the season, but it’s not worth it :/.
All I need is my DVA golden weapon, maybe one for a DPS hero then I probably wont touch it ever again.

yeah ranked is trash. im hardstuck gold bcuz of teammates (i play tank with 4 golds every game) aand i think i could EASILY be top500 if i just didnt have terible teammates!!!1!1

Nice but there is one problem with this, suiciding is often used as game strategy to not feed enemy team when you lose fight.

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Not really. The game is not competitive. Only fools that haven’t played it enough think it is. It’s a false reading of skill in a non-competitive game. Why care?

It would have to be coded properly to tell the difference it would take some work from blizzard the only other option would be for us as players to clearly say when players do this and for blizzard to look them over more seriously when we state it occurs.

I don’t really care, well i do kinda but it doesn’t bother me anymore, not that I was any good in the first place. I have much more fun in the events and Mystery Heroes nowadays hence why i keep playing because this game at its core is pretty fun!