I do not own a phone and do not wish to purchase one

I don’t own a phone and have never had a desire to buy one as a lifestyle choice. The only phone I ever owned was a hand me down iphone nearly 10 years ago that died that year. I have NEVER had to use a phone to play a video game in my entire life playing games since 1990. I have never seen anything like this before. I do not buy and play video games with the need of a phone in mind and never have had to.

I played the beta, bought OW1 physical twice for me and my friend. I bought the digital copy when I moved. I bought your lootboxes. And now my friend and I cannot play the game together like we used to.

I want to hear from Blizz staff about this. What am I supposed to do? This is so absurd, i’ve never experienced this from any game i’ve ever played.

I pay quite a bit for internet where I live. I’m living through a recession. I have a lot of other things I spend money on aside entertainment, necessities as well as personal things. Overwatch was never some high roller form of entertainment, it wasn’t some rich white upper class luxury. It was a PS4 game I bought to play like any normal video game.

I have seen this affect entire families, parents and children because of this ridiculous garbage.


You’re in luck.

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Wew, my near nightly games with my friend are back on.

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