I did it! (15 char)


The cafe was made to make/use emojis, and to just chill. As for the Moira popcorn emoji itself, it’s usually used when conversation on the forums starts to get heated, the emoji being used as a: “get comfortable folks, this is gonna end well!”.


Thank you for the thoughtful reply. It’s so weird that you can’t actually use those emojis in the forum though (the forum won’t let me post one, it says I can’t because it’s an image).


You’re very welcome. You can post images on the forums, but you need o be a level 3 trust level. You can check your trust level here:

h ttp://red-rose.com/forum-trust-level/ Remove the space.


I signed up for the forums like 2-3 days ago so that makes sense that I wouldn’t have the trust level to post links/images. Thank you for the thoughtful response :slight_smile:


That is actually interesting. Not sure if you are allowed to link it to me. Sounds like a relaxing lounge


Its actually amazing the discussion such a simple post caused.
Congrats, I started at around the same sr, and now I’m at diamond, so its really just a matter of climbing up the ranks and gaining experience!
(I’ve been playing since season 2)


No problem. :grinning:


Here you are:


Thanks for sharing!


You are very welcome! :grin:


Thanks for the link.


No problem! :facepunch:


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I thought it was a little easier climbing out of silver than it was climbing out of bronze. I remember it being really hard to move in bronze due to the randomness of it.

For example. first game we have a leave, next game they have a leaver, next game we have a smurf, next game they have a smurf, next game we have a thrower, next game someone is AFK because their mother is screaming at him in the background. So to get out sometimes you just had to carry your team even with 5 ppl or whatever to get meaningful movement (which was possible because ppl not that good sometimes)

Once in silver, the games become a little more sane.


Nope. Ask Korn. Never did.


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