I DARE you to put “5 vs 5” on an Experimental Card

You have too much faith in Blizzard, they are lazy and will not do it right.

They already know it would result in people revolting because the game code for 5v5 is absolute trash.

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Glad to hear that they made up their mind since the private Discord AMA then.

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It would be nice, but not a fair test because many tanks will and are already getting big changes to balance them for 5v5. I mean…if you want 6v6, just don’t buy OW2 when it comes out? lol

not really it’s gonna be the same sh1t but really bad they saied the same things with role queue that they could balance it to so it dosent break the game they can easly do it but are unable to do so you ppl are the most gullible pll i’ve ever seen to think they will make 5v5 even romeotely good holy sh1t

What has one to do with the other?
Buying OW2 only gives you access to the new PvE content.
Everyone who owns OW1 will get the PvP updates for free - no matter if they want them or not.


I got some bad news for you…

I mean, have you tried the AI mode in OW1? Seem Junk’s revenge and other events? I’m really not holding my breath hoping for anything other than pre-programmed pathing for OW2 PvE.

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cant way for 3v3 so its even easier for the team to balance the game

It wouldn’t make sense to put 5v5 as experimental because it wouldn’t be balanced the way OW2 is going to be, so people would get a very wrong idea of how it would play out

Man, what is with people making strange topics and necroing 3-year old threads?

Like, are people that desperate for attention during this long weekend? Some of us really need to go play something, ANYTHING, as opposed to posting their strange stuff on the forums.

Part of me wishes Blizz would’ve done a free play weekend on all of its games (yes, even World of Warcraft) during this long weekend so people would have less incentive to crap-post on the forums.

Well well, it seems Blizzard is not confident enough on 5v5 to let us test it… The so-called “balancing” must have been far more excruciating they had anticipated.

They’re busy balancing, and setting up the maps to benefit from it. They’re also adding whole other heroes that could change the whole game.

They can’t put it on to the ExC because they don’t have enough stuff done to do it. If they just put 5v5 on, and their incomplete hero balancing, ignoring the maps not even being made or change to benefit from it, we wouldn’t even be able to give accurate feedback on what they actually have in store.

Waits with baited breath to see if someone is brave enough to double dog dare Blizzard. There’s no way they won’t respond to that.

Oh fun… Who didn’t see that coming raise your hands?

Nope. It wouldnt work in OW1, not in the mess its in. Unlike the first, OW2 is designed from the ground up with the OWL being prioritized, Blizzard’s FPS direction will be fully done there. Also, teamwork’s going away in that one & there are new maps that are actually designed around natural cover.

OW1 on the other hand, still team based despite the DPS favoritsm & all the maps are designed for 6v6.

An OW2 beta needs to come around to test 5v5. And I still dont get why some people have an issue with it. Heck, the 5v5 change is also partly due to those same people complaining about GOATs & Double Shields.

I mean you’d kinda expect some heavy sniper nerfs

They’re already working anyways.

You see tons of pharahs nowadays and even widow is having problems unless you’re masters+, and even then, Echo/tracer is also a great alternative.

It’s moving so slow and I wish Blizz would hurry up already, they know what the problems is, they just refused to tackle it quickly.

If, next week, Blizz put out a 5v5 Ex Card it would be terrible; people would hate it. The game isn’t balanced for it yet. You maybe fail to get that every hero is being rebalanced for 5v5, even small details you probably hadn’t considered. So there is no way to have every aspect of balance done now when they’re still working on it and playtesting internally.

5v5 is good for the health of the game. And at this point, even if 90% of the players said no, it is too late to stop the ball from moving. They’ve been building OW2 with 5v5 in mind for years now. They can’t throw all that away, the loss would be wild.

It’s not just ‘beefier tanks, but one less per team’. Every hero will need balance tweaks to fit in. Even maps are being updated to accommodate this. It wouldn’t be a remotely accurate playtest…but the best we do have are workshop modes where players have made viable 5v5. Obviously the maps are the same, but a huge group of content creators and well known players came forth and gave their input for how they think heros could be balanced for 5v5, and the workshop creators made a mode as best they could with the tools available to them. Have you tried it? It’s pretty fun! There were some heros they couldn’t do much of anything to (like Bastion, iirc) because no one knows what to do with him, or how Blizz plans on balancing him…and some heros didn’t have what I feel are meaningful 5v5 changes…but it’s not a bad scope for fan ideas, anyway.

In all sincerity, I would love OW2 5v5 Experimentals over the course of time. The sad thing is that it’d never happen because of backlash from people trying an unfinished product and then going, “Hah, see? My preconcieved notions were entirely correct! This sucks, Blizzard sucks!”

Oh well.

Yup, same here.

Although I realized like half the changes aren’t needed if they leave in Brig/Sombra CC, make Hammond a DPS, and expand the Tank CC-reduction passive to cover most forms of CC.

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