I can't launch the game

Hello, I opened the battle.net launcher and clicked on “Overwatch” and tried to launch the game. There was an update (The halloween terror event) so I let it install. After it installed I, It reloaded and then I got a blank screen… There was nothing there. I’ve tried closing the application down and reopening it but it is still the same. I’ve tried shutting down my pc and restarting it but that didn’t change anything either. Please help.


Can confirm, same situation. Got home from work and after launch, I get a black screen for about 2 seconds, then the app closes and nothing.

Same issue as the others.

Same same :confused: tried a bunch of things to fix and nothing works.

I’m having this issue too.

The only way around it at the moment is right clicking the Battle net symbol in system tray and click Overwatch. It worked for me anyways x.x


Thanks! That seemed to do the trick.

Cheers! It worked! :slight_smile:

I’ve been having issues launching the game after the update also. Screen goes black then quickly goes back to desktop with a bug report window. The system tray work around doesn’t seem to be working for me sadly.

Same issue here.
Deleting the cache as mentioned here: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/34721 - gives me the blue looping loading ribbon for a moment before putting me back on a blank Overwatch screen.
It still auto-updated and I can launch and login directly from Overwatch.exe, but launcher is borked.

Yeah, when i go on battle.net and click overwatch, its black with the overwatch background and 2 white squares in the top left corner, and right clicking the battle.net app and selecting overwatch didnt work for me sadly >:(

Still having this issue, It’s been around 14 hours now and I still have not been able to log onto the game. This is getting frustrating now…

Edit: New info from the staff suggests this issue is affecting a specific group of players.

If you are launching and getting a black screen, your issue is not the same as the OP. Instead, this issue is covered in the sticky threads here: Known Technical Support Issues - [Updated Sept 9, 2019!]

Pay special attention to manually remove the files listed in that post.

Hope this helps. :crossed_fingers:

Turns out pausing Avast causes the game to load up perfectly fine, but i’ll try this also now I’ve seen it for a hopefully permanent fix that doesn’t require pausing Avast. Cheers

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Thanks for reporting back!

I was getting the same/similar black screen after launching from the Bnet, sadly right clicking in the sys tray and choosing OW didn’t work for me either. I installed OW on my laptop and it played fine. Went back to this system tried disabling my AV, doing a scan and repair and verifying I had the latest patch. I ended up uninstalling, restarting and then reinstalled the game and it works fine now. So something when it updated didn’t take.

Yeah. That works for me as well.

Thanks muchly for the suggestion.

It didn’t work for me. I deleted the CachedData.db file like you said and when I load the blizzard app again it does the exact same thing, The overwatch page is completely blank and I can’t do anything. I even tried what Avenger99 said, to uninstall the game, restart my computer and reinstall the game. But now I can’t reinstall the game cause it is still blank…

Are you using any type of antivirus and can you disable it? The blank page is likely the advertisement for the switch version.

I am using Malwarebytes and I just disabled it. I opened the app and its still blank