I can't enjoy this game with doomfist existing

Doomfist is just slowly breaking my spirit. He is one of the most unfair characters to go against and I hated him before he was crazy buffed. But since the devs dont know how to balance he is just too strong and can easily secure kills with no effort. You guys nerfed briggite to much now she sucks against him. Great job blizzard


Trying eating pineapple pizza.
Everything is enjoyable with pineapple pizza! :slight_smile:


And i can’t Play/Enjoy this game, With Bastion being in the Unforgivable state he’s in.

Looks like we’re in a similar boat.
Except for Doomfist takes some skill… Somewhat. <.<
Gotta disagree with that part.

I am not really convinced Bastion really need a buff though…

I would say Doomfist more just has an annoying kit to me. Like he can be completely useless at times, on a map that very spacious and the walls our shaped wierdly. Or maybe more specifically parts of maps. Then on the other hand he can just be so oppressive, one shoting everyone, disgusting CC, with mobility allowing him to jump in and out.

I more just don’t want that type of hero who just dominates ridiculously and is useless at other times. I like for a balance do the character isn’t annoying to play against or with.

Then you have not done the proper research.


If you play the hero, it’s Blatantly Obvious.

Even the healer mains think Bastion is horrible atm.
And usually they dislike Dps.

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Not sure what to tell you honestly…

you must think that this somehow validates your obsessive need to have what you want

Fruit doesn’t belong on pizza sir. You take your weird casserole and go home :stuck_out_tongue:

If you truly believe Doomfist requires no effort, you haven’t played him yet. Yeah Doomfist is annoying, but he can get shut down incredibly easy by stuns. The only problem I have with Doomfist is when he has a zarya bubble he can’t get stunned, so he loses his greatest vulnerability.

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I’ve played Overwatch for 1000 hours and Bastion for less than 20 of those and I can confidently agree he is terrible and is in need of buffs. I really feel sorry for the people who bought Overwatch and fell in love with heroes that are significantly worse than others.

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Bug fixes, faster movement in ult and 5 more shields per hit.

Doomfist main here.


Anyway, the best way to get over a character you hate is to learn their counters. And it seems you’re in luck! Cuz Doomfist has quite a few counters.

  1. Pharah - Hard counter: Is in the air, and away from walls. Shotguns are ineffective against her, so just work on hitting moving targets and you’ll be good to go! Pro Doomfists like myself CAN kill you if they are REALLY good, but only if you let them, so manage your flight resources extra well when Doomfist is around. You’ll have Doomfist saying “You must be joking!” -Doomfist

  2. Junkrat - Counter: Littering grenades around an area with high Doomfist activity can cause some real problems. The mines are good at finishing him off after he’s used all his abilities, and if he get’s in a trap, he’s all but done for. Just keep your distance with your mines and you’ll have the advantage on high-ground. “I take it on the chin.” -Doomfist

  3. Tracer - Counter: Her fast blinks and recall ability can allow her to outmanouver even the best Doomfists. But be careful, because legend has it “I can read your every move…” -Doomfist

  4. Genji - Counter: His double jump and wall climb let him easily manouver OVER Doomfists abilities. His deflect can come in handy agaisnt the finishing blows from his hand cannon, but don’t DARE attempt to deflect the legendary Doomfist GAUNTLET. Or you might find yourself “Rethinking your life decisions?” -Doomfist

  5. Mei - Hard counter: Her icicles do very good damage at any range, and when he comes in close, just freeze him. Be sure to use the iceblock to bait out his moves and less to heal, as you should pretty much always do with Mei. Her wall can block Doomfist from attacking your teammates or yourself, and your ult can trap him quickly unless he has his ult or a few abilities off cooldown. “Come at the king, you better not miss…” -Doomfist

  6. Brigitte - Hard counter: The shield can prevent damage from his hand cannon and seismic slam. You can survive a full rocket-punch to the face if you have full health. And your stun and constant DPS and HPS can make some Doomfists panic… “I’ll throw you a bone…” -Doomfist.

Those aren’t all the counters, but those are some of the best. At least they are the ones I hate to fight against. Doesn’t mean I don’t kill them, but if anyone is gonna kill me, it would be one of these characters. Anyway…

“I might lose, but you can’t win.” -Doomfist

Good luck. :sunglasses:

I’ve got just over 600 hours… And well over 1/6 of that, was spent on Bastion…

But don’t worry… we’re working on being heard, and addressed… Even if it has been two years now since his gutting… Two years. And no word on him.

You’ve probably seen it before, but… You can find the Bastion mains here:
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (230+ Likes, 9600+ Responses)]

If you’d like to talk, hang out, or even discuss Balance you’re welcome there.

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Didn’t they just add a buff to her in ptr where she can now shield bash his punch (and rein’s charge)?