I can hear ALL of Torbjorn's voice lines as radio callouts, in all gamemodes (including competitive), even if he's not on my team


Ran into an issue with Torbjorn. It started in competitive, where I heard an enemy torbjorn saying “Hello!” and “Turret Deployed!” On numbani during setup (He was on defender side, I was on attacker side). The game was cancelled due to a leaver, and I restarted my client and went to play arcade. It continued in Chateau FFA, where I heard all of a torb’s voice lines (Which was incredibly annoying as they were usually spamming “I’m giving it all I’ve got!”).

When I first saved the highlight, it didn’t play the voice lines in the saved highlight, but it continued to play them in the highlight viewer ingame.

Here’s the highlight without the bug.

Here’s the highlight with the bug.

I’m still suffering from this issue and am worried as it is a borderline exploit. So far, this only seems to affect Torbjorn. I have not had anyone else’s voice lines play over the radio this way.