I called it on this game


So how exactly did I manage to win 25/38 games on this account and 16/20 on my other? :joy:

Just check my profile, decaying from 4k right now but the games played and won/lost statistic is there.


why do people say the matchmaker is what’s killing the game? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the worst matchmaking of any AAA game and it is still very good and popular


My guess would be around 13.


if thats the case i never would have gone from silver to gm. or silver to master on xbox.


The matchmaker doesn’t say “ok now that he won a few games, let’s put him on a team with an Ana that can’t aim and a Hammond that always feeds”. It doesn’t “choose” a bad team… If that were true, then it would have to consider you as one of the bad players to put on that team


It goes further than just fixing teams and swapping players to other side to force 50% winrate, I still believe they secretly internally buff the losing side during overtime every time.

How often does the team that’s played like crap for 10 minutes suddenly wipe you during overtime? answer: EVERY FREAKING TIME. EVERY TIME. Blizz tweaks the damage numbers and stuff behind the scenes to let them get the point.


I don’t think Blizzard buffs the enemy team. The losing team performing an insta-wipe has a couple of possible explanations:

  1. The losing side was holding onto their ults. When they unload even semi-coordinated ults from Zarya, Pharah, Rein, Zen, DF, etc, there’s not a whole lot that can be done if the other side doesn’t have ults.
  2. The winning side gets confident/the losing side tries harder. Teams may be just kind of messing around early on and trying to get their bearings, while they end up going into adrenaline mode when overtime hits. Conversely, the winning team may feel confident and overextend off the point trying to get some cheese kills or cool plays. They mess up, and the other team capitalizes on it.
  3. Hero switches. The losing team recognizes that their comp isn’t working, so they change things up (maybe they go to their mains) and find success.
  4. I honestly want to disagree with you. Not harshly or anything. I’ve definitely seen the opposing team suddenly turn things around but more often than not, the team that’s winning pretty hard continues to do so.


It’s not rigged. It achieves its goal perfectly. The way to achieving that goal is horrible though.


Mmmm… 1 of the very few times I’ll unfortunately disagree with you. Overwatch has the WORST matchmaking I have EVER seen in a video game to date. And I’ve been playing games of all genres for a very long time. None have ever compared with what I’ve experienced in Overwatch. Not even close.


If can only win half your games no matter how hard you try then the SR mechanism is working. If it’s working right then as you improve it’s going to match you against more difficult groups — net result: it’s always going to feel like a carrot you can never reach.

Worry when you start winning most of your games. If that happens you might as well quit. You’ve outdone everyone on Overwatch.


no it is not.

The teammates are still in the same rank, or atleast close to it as you are arent they though?

Its the same % for you to get the plebs on the other team, you just dont pay attention to it because you think youre just far far better than what your rank normally is, but as soon as you start losing, you see it as the fault of your teammates. Which is a clear indication of being quite egotistical.

It is not.

They are, theyre tweaking the matchmaker constantly to add and remove certain traits on it.
If you cant stand losing dont play a game where its just as big of a possibility to lose as to win, if you play in your rank.

So you lost games, oh no, you cant climb to gm from silver in one sitting? I never thought this could happen!

The likeliness of the matchmaker is:
1/3rd of the games you win automatically, no matter what you do
1/3rd of the games you lose automatically, no matter what you do
1/3rd of the games you are the person who decides if the game is lost or won, if you play poorly, you lose, if you play well, you win.

If you think that you should automatically get into a team full of top 500 smurfs in silver every game, you shouldnt play this, go play a single player game where you cant have different skilled teammates.

The matchmaker puts the same MMR players together, no matter if theyre carried, or not, its a fair matchmaker, instead of putting top 500s with diamonds.

The game isnt dead just because “Kappa” isnt playing it anymore, good riddance, goodbye.


Go ahead and explain why its the worst? considering what i said here:


I’ve been in games where in competitive, Bronze was paired with Gold. And on more than 1 occasion. And no, this was not at off-hours. This was because of how they allow you to stack in groups.

Also, another example. How dramatically different a person’s competitive SR is to their Arcade and Quickplay MMR. Assuming that they should be relative, there is no excuse really for such an absurd variety. My competitive SR is around diamond to low-masters. But, I was known for farming as low as low-Gold for easy wins and SR toward my next golden weapon.

In Arcade and QP…? Strictly GM and T500. That’s ALL I get paired with. Not some of the time. Not partially the time. Not during events, or off-season from competitive. No. All of the time. And at any given time. GM+. How do I know this? Because I can simply check their profiles. A lot of people from that tier don’t hide their profiles for the most part, and for good reason. Lol. And again, that’s where I’m locked in at. For Arcade and QP. On my team and the enemy team.

Edit: To make things a bit more clear, I’m always the lowest SR In the match in Quickplay matches. Always. Same with Arcade for the most part. Before private profiles was a thing, I would frequently be asked if I was an account-sharer or a booster. And no, I’m not. It’s just that my SR and QP/Arcade MMRs are dramatically off.


have you play gears of war 4 or cod etc almost every game has bad times at match making


mhm…its called, eventually you will be put on the team with enough bad team members…it happens in every game because they are trying to make the game fair


have you ever played gears of war 4 in this game the rank works if you are going up in rank they make you be the carry like lets say you are onyx 3 rank and you had bad placements and you end in gold 3 right so they put a mix of bronze to gold in your team and gold 2 to onyx 3 to diamond vs you so you can rank up to show you belong there and if you do bad or lose you lose rank and then you get put in a golds mix game till you win a few game and be mvp of the matches…so till me which is better


Maybe it’s in my specific mmr range then, because it happens 90% of the time, so much since launch that I actively plan for the underdog rising up thing during overtime and it helps me make strategies against it, to preplan for it


no…because the best parts of a gears game is the pve and the campaign…i dont care for its multiplayer


ooh ok thats cool im campaign and multiplayer lol…sorry its 3 days late the reply its just im on here when im at work to make my day go faster lol and i cant wait for gears 5 to see where it goes to in the story .


I know theyve talked about comp MMing-

But do comp and QP use the same?