I called it on this game


The matchmaker is rigged 100%!

You start winning a few games then my team becomes so bad it isnt worth staying in the game, That’s how bad the stomp is…

Start winning?.. Ohh lets put him on the plebs side then he will lose…

No wonder this game is dying and WE ALL KNOW IT!

I play a few games then when i start losing so badly i go play something else because whats the point on getting stressed on some pleb not doing his job?

First 3 games my team were really good, Keeping me alive and doing there job then when i won like 3 games my team became so bad i just quit and gave up and i’m doing something else…

When the devs say “This matchmaking is perfect” All i have to say is OMEGALUL, DEAD GAME BTW!


…its as if…the game puts yo against harder opponents as you win,…eventually you reach a level of skill that you cant meet, so you fail…seriously…are you 5?


is this your first shooter?


Yeah… This game used to be great… What happened? sigh


The matchmaker isn’t rigged. It has a calculated system, that places people based on stacks and MMR with eachother. They explained it in a forum post a while ago.

It’s more heavily dependent on stacks, than anything math related. So you’ll see games with GM in them, if you’re running QP. As well as games with players much higher and lower skill than you, if you’re in competitive, even if you’re all the same SR.


yeah but…why am I losing…I shouldnt be losing because…I shouldnt be…(im being sarcastic btw)



He should win streak his way up to top 500 like the pro he is.

FiX uR gAeM BliZz


i think i won 11 or 12 games in a row yesterday in mystery heroes.

Granted the day before i lost 7 before ragequitting, but there ya go


Answer me this one question.

Why would they ever rig the matchmaker? And against you, specifically?


That’s either because you’re on tilt (this is the main reason for loss streaks) or because you’re at the elo you belong in. The system is inherently “rigged” to stop 2500 players climbing to 4500 but that’s about it.


So…you win games and the moment you lose, you…call the game dead?


The matchmaker isn’t out to get you.


Edit: After looking at your post history you’ve been complaining about this game since last March. Here’s an idea, maybe just stop playing Overwatch if you hate it so much? I’ve been hearing that Apex is the OW killer, why don’t you go and give it a try?

I don’t think they’ve ever claimed it was perfect, there’s no way it ever could be. It is very good though. You’re being placed against harder teams the more you win, sometimes it also puts you on a team that knows is not quite as good as the other, but you also lose less SR if you lose and gain more if you win.

Just take a break every now and then. People also aren’t perfect and they mess up, don’t be too harsh on your teammates, they want to win too.


“But my winrate isn’t >85%!!!”


not sure that’s entirely accurate, how many plat mercy and brig mains headed into 4500 territory?


I’ve played games in HotS where I’d have 15 have lose streams or 30 predominantly lost games, followed by 15 win streaks or 30 predominantly win streaks.

That’s just me personally, and sometimes doesn’t matter how long of a break I take. I’ve just learned that if I’m on a lose streak I’ll soon hit a win, and vise versa.

But I’m not one to start screaming rigged. Because of it’s rigged, it’s pretty weirdly rigged.


Mystery heroes isnt the 50-50 working in your favor, you just got lucky heroes. Arcade is irrelevant to the matchmaker


Please pose your evidence of this… I want to see some of the server side code to prove this.


Don’t be silly.

Obviously, Blizzard have 11 hired people that play terrible on purpose, and are called to fill every match when someone happens to get a win streak going.


So in order for this games matchmaking not be rigged you have to win 100% of your games?

People that play this game think they will climb forever and reaching a point where they cant climb anymore because they have reached their ceiling unless they are carried is ridiculous to them.