I backfilled directly into "Defeat" twice today

Why is this even a thing? Stop backfills at the end of the clock, at least!

It’s just quickplay. We don’t need backfills in overtime for the one in a million chance the player will even make it to the fight in time to matter.


I know if you keep leaving Quick Play matches right before the Defeat screen pops up, eventually it will force you into a match were all you see is the Defeat screen.

Have tested and confirmed this on three separate occasions.

It will even wait extraordinary amounts of time in Que to accomplish this too

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Or make backfill give a minimum of 1500 EXP.

I’ve noticed a consistent pattern that keeps almost forcing me to leave matches:

You QUE a quickplay match and all is well, there’s six to a side and people pick their heroes and life goes on. You start winning, or the enemy starts bickering and then sombody on the other team leaves.

Backfill shows up, and dumps in a new player, almost right away. Woot! But then now you notice this player is almost always significantly better or worse then the rest of the players in the match.

It has happened so many times, enemy players leave because you’re team is winning, and then it dumps much much higher skilled players into the match and it’s instantly turned around into a rofl stomp. I keep a keen eye out for this, and won’t hesitate to leave and try a different match and see if that’s more balanced.

Just get rid of W-L in Casual. If you get slammed into backfill, why do we have those stats?

Backfills don’t even count. I just resent the extra time in queue.

To reinforce the win-lose ratio on the MMR, sometimes you are thrown into losing matches for the same reasons the game does other dirty tricks when it comes to matckmaking.

I didn’t know they didn’t count. It gave me a convenient excuse.

when you backfill into a round where two other people leave right after you join and the game has 1.5 minutes left… it’s the most discouraging thing to happen ever. You KNOW this team won’t come together and you’re resigned to … what? accepting this loss? just… knowing you tried your hardest? What the Hell Blizzard. What the hell. Backfill is pure toxic. Backfill deserves more XP or people who have been in que for longer than 1.5 minutes don’t DESERVE to get backfilled.

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While we are here I might as well post the response I got for this issue