I am turning off mc and tc

The report system in this game has gotten absolutely ridiculous, you get muted and suspended so easily it’s actually crazy.

It NEVER used to be like this back in overwatch 1.

Now in OW2 you could say something as low as " ez" and people in groups can mass report you and get you suspended… like come on dude, seriously?

What the hell is the point of having a match chat or tema chat if you’re gonna ban people so easily?

I am NOT getting my account that I had for years and years banned because some random little kid got offended so much because I told him to shut up.

You should probably also turn it off would be my advice to you, if you don’t wanna get banned out of nowhere and for absolutely no reason that is.


Does he though? You don’t think that’s getting a little ridiculous? I’ve never had someone say, “EZ,” and felt unable to cope with the trauma.


And if you feel the need to report someone because you got too offended so easily then maybe online video games aren’t meant for you? :thinking:


I see both sides of the argument.

On one hand, being banned for things that aren’t truly offensive is quite lame and they should better optimize their report system (good luck with that lol).

But on the other, we all know darn WELL that people say things like “ez” because they are fishing for reactions lol. Its not sly and its not fooling anybody. It isn’t necessary and you are knowingly putting your account at risk by doing so.

Signed, somone who’s not offended by “ez” but finds it really cringe.


Fair enough, but still, it never used to be like this back in overwatch 1 man.

Like, what point is there in having and talking in match chat if you get reported and banned so easily now?

Exactly, no point at all.


It wasn’t as bad but it was still a problem. My friend was chat banned for typing a single question in team chat “would you guys prefer hog or orisa?” in the later seasons of OW1.

I really hope they fine tune the report system and make abusing it less easy because ngl unless you’re a streamer with a massive following who’s stupid enough to false report on stream (queue the infamous clip of xQc spam reporting a symmetra lol) its sadly pretty easy to do so without being caught

I don’t wanna sound like I am complaining too much but like it especially feels unfair to me because like I almost NEVER report people, but people report me!

It’s like, dude, you wanna report me and get my account banned? I’ll do the same to you then!


It’s gotten pretty silly. We’re in the Twilight Zone these days.


Trust me bro, it’s so dumb.


If you feel the need to insult others in a video game then online video games are not for you!


You’re the problem if you’re getting reported for chat abuse, dude. It’s very hard to get punished.


I feel that, if it easy to get reported and auto-banned, it should be just as pain-free to contest that ban with a real person.

The issue with the system is that it is a pain once you get caught up in it.

Knowing the system is the way it is, you’d think we’d all be a little more cautious about flinging insults and instigating arguments in game.

Cmon guys have some sympathy, these people that get banned are just baiting people looking for reactions, trying to tilt people, and have a negative impact on their experience. Its just not fair they get chat banned when they are just trying to spread such positivity in the game.


I turned it off 5 years ago the day after I got the game. I just reached masters with text and voice always off, and I am nothing special at video games, so they are clearly not even needed. Surprised it took you so long.

They should have been friends only since day 1, yet another moronic decision by the devs.

Back in 2017/18 when the game was still massively popular toxicity was the number 1 reason people were leaving in droves.

It was hard in OW1. It’s easy as hell to exploit it in OW2. Every time I log in there’s a new thanks for reporting.


Yeah, so you already know this, but I’ve only played OW2. I have NEVER gotten a chat ban or a chat warning. And I say some really spicy things in chat when I’m mad, too.

If anyone gets chat banned it is 100% on them.


And you were on console. Console complained for a while that reports did nothing. Now it seems they’ve finally started kicking in.

And since you’re on PC now, give it time. Once you start being relevant you’ll get your silence.

I’ve played about 2 seasons on PC. I HAVE given it time. I don’t get reported because I don’t say horrible things.

Do you say GG? Like I said, your time’s coming.

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More like standing up for myself against others but, if you say so :person_shrugging: