I am so TIRED of sound effects missing


I started a megathread half a year ago about missing sound effects in the game, happening on both console and PC, regardless of output (Sennheiser headphones, speakers, laptop, smart phone, TV, etc.). These issues happened sporadically but were game breaking: can’t hear footsteps, can’t hear sound packs, can’t hear heal requests, can’t hear chat wheel, loot box voice lines not playing, music not playing, not hearing ults announced, etc. I wasn’t the only one, there were lots of threads and players experiencing the same issues and voicing their concerns, with over 100 replies from other players, video proof, testimonies, etc. Here’s the thread:

Yet these problems CONTINUE to persist. It’s absolutely maddening, sometimes I just throw my hands up and shut the game down hoping a restart might help. Blizzard seriously, what is going on with the sound in this game? Like seriously, it’s just ridiculous for a competitive game like this where sound is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the gameplay that the audio quality gets like this for no apparent reason.

If anybody else is experiencing these issues, please add your voice and experience to the megathread so we can continue highlighting this as a major problem. UGH I’m just so tired of this.