I am livid fix workshop now!

finnaly decided to learn how to use overwatch workshop so i can implement my idea of increasing reinhardts movement speed when his barrier health is less than 100%
but apparently barrier health isn’t considered an “ability resource” and can’t be interacted with period.

my plan is failed before i even had a chance to try!

This can be done actually. You can track how much damage Reinhardt has blocked with his shield with “Player hero stat” allowing you to increase Reinhardt movement while shield is up(is holding button Secondary fire) and shield receives damage.

Of course since you can’t track the actual status of the shield. It would have to be managed entirely through comparing the stats and putting some sort of cooldown on this happening after you put the shield down.

This would all be easier if you could access the actual variable for shield health though…Reinhardt’s shield health is but one of many that you can’t access info on.

As an example would be an instagib mode I made with Sojourn, I can’t directly do anything with her railgun charge up variable with damage on primary so I all I can do is force her to use her ultimate to allow the rail gun to fire.

Quite frustrating.

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