I always have to play defense in QP, what's wrong?

I always noticed it but I never cared too much about it. But in the last weeks with the summer event it’s annoying me a lot. The matchmaking makes me play defense almost every time.

I played 16 (no koth) matches and 14 of them were on the defense side.


  • King’s Row - Defense
  • Blizzard World - Defense
  • Watchpoint Gibraltar - Defense
  • Temple of Anubis - Attack

Confirmation bias…

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What bias? Numbers don’t lie.

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that’s kind of the problem with QP, it’s really random and you don’t get an equal split of everything.

atleast in comp you get to play both sides of attack and defense =/

People can and will leave game if they see they’re on defense. Generally there are more open games ready for you to play on defense than attack.
… is OK though, they’re not really any BETTER on attack.

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Numbers as small as the ones you’re giving do lie. Large numbers don’t lie but even they can be misrepresented to deceive.

Obviously I’m not saying you’re trying to deceive us. I’m saying you didn’t notice the times you played 27 offense matches and 25 defense and you’re not taking into account the times in the future where you’ll play 56 offense and 50 defense.

Large numbers balance out. Short term variance is irrelevant.

And confirmation bias makes you notice the thing you already think is true.

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do you by any chance leave after the round finishes?

cause if you just stick around the game automatically cycles you through attack-defense of the same map before it switches…

leave and you have a 50-50 chance…and youre probably just noticing a rng streak

it… TRIES. But in my experience people will usually leave from the attacking side and the game will then search for an entirely new game.

Nobody seems to stay for the server rotations anymore. I assume it’s “muh teams fault” issues but then even winning teams will lose almost all their players the second the game is over. It make no sense being you don’t find games any faster.

and people don’t seem to like defense as much in QP being on live you can’t get away with running the trash 4 or 4+ DPS heavy comps as much on defense.

so I they bail when the map screen shows and there ya go, more time in queue, more time getting random games where odds are the reason a slot is open is it’s defense.
Being as a level 1700+ player, most of it QP I’ve seen a huge spike in being on defense too, it’s really strange.

you also don’t get as many popular maps but then again match maker isn’t tracking your last few maps either anymore if I rem right. All part of the move to speed stuff up.

This happened to me today but the opposite, I played about 15 matches and majority of them were attack, I do prefer attack, but still lol.

It’s still faster to leave, don’t have to hang around for POTG, cards or stats.

jeff said point blank the match maker doesn’t start the true queue until the other stuff is done in the past game anyways. As the system has to update the data base with all the stuff from the last game.

So leaving gains zero.

I want your problem, bc defence is much more fun and compositons are much reliable bc of that, so you just play shoot the target mode for 5 mins most of the time at defence, while attackers are uncoordinated and play 6 dps most of the time

But I’ve left the game, re queued, and found another game instantly many times. I don’t care what Jeff said, it’s often faster.

i can verify this at least in the arcade…

but fact remains…if you leave you are essentially throwing away a pretty much guaranteed switch to att/def on same map (unless it was alread on the back end)…for a random chance in a different game…sometimes RNG is not nice :man_shrugging:t2:

Three more matches today in qp, three defense again.

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Sometimes this happens to me as well, so in QP during character select if I see I am on defense and decide, no, I don’t want to, then I leave and will continue to leave games until I get what I want.

I also leave every time I get Busan. Trash map in my opinion.

Well, the games will always cycle through two rounds on a map.

The only ways you won’t play both sides are if not enough players stick around after the match and you get booted back to the menu, or if you load into round two of that map to begin with.

I feel like I’ve been getting Defense a lot too, like - to the point where getting attack feels rare and I’m jazzed because yay FINALLY attack! is the mood I’m in by the time it rolls around. I should start keeping track, but me and my friend for the past… 2 months? have been complaining about how often we’re put on defense, too.


Old topic but I was searching for this myself
And I tested it out on 4 new acc on ps4… (they free so why not lol)

And the first 3 acc I got my Dva cute spray before I was level 5…
after those I got defense 99% of the time and lost 99% of them by getting (have a win rate under 28% on all 3)
completely stomped (to a feeling I played against bots)

Other weird fact was on those defense maps the profiles I could spectate all stopped playing comp after season 2… that’s just weird

On my 4th acc I didn’t use any ults or at least not so I would get a cute spray
And I get attacks most of the time and won most of them…win rate of 73%

I played Dva on all…

It’s def a pattern blizzard puts in and it’s a dirty one!!