I already miss old Sym


Yeah. I know how you feel. I don’t have the best Mechanical skill either.

I still like the new Symm more though. Even with poor mechanical skill, you can still do a lot. Here is a list for you:

  • RMB isn’t too hard, you can still creates tons of space from it.
  • Use the turrets to flank people
  • Clever uses of your teleporter
  • Eat a barrier with LMB.
  • Use your ult in effective ways to create space for your team (right in the middle of a control point, right down the middle of a payload path, etc)

Tons of stuff you can do with this character without very high mechanical skill.


Try her left click on PTR now. I think you’ll find it’s much better!


Did they tweak her on PTR? I don’t remember seeing anything in the patch notes.


This is the first time I’ve ever truly wanted Sym on my team.

She boosted me into the window on Hanamura 1st on attack as Orisa and I got to blast the enemy from above.

That kind of support makes me love her place in the game now.


I am honestly in love with Sym 3.0.

That being said, she does have some glaring issues.

Most notably is her survivability. She NEEDS to have a main shield tank to play behind. Without it, she is mid range, road hook, and sniper fodder.

Other than that, her primary fire is severely underwhelming. When full charge it’s great, but the range is too short and damage amp takes too long for it to feel impactful as a “primary” source of damage.


The patch notes don’t have any information regarding Sym’s primary fire.


It wasn’t in the patch notes, but it’s definitely better now.


If it’s not in the patch notes, there’s not a sure way for us to know they have improved it. It could just “feel” better but not actually have changed.


New symmetra is trash and not one bit more viable than before, probably worse. Before she could atleast counter/duel/outplay a few heroes . If she’s alone now she’s just as dead as ana , maybe even more because no heal lol . She has no tools to work with.


I’m honestly in love with the new sym. I’ve always had a pocket for the few maps she was viable for, and even then about mid match I was just sitting doing nothing as my sentries did the work.

New sym lets me set things up on the fly as they happen and is alot more chaotic, but that’s how I like it. I’ve been playing mostly her for the past few days, and I get the same feeling I did when I first started learning her.

But hey, I’m just a simple man enjoying video games. Regardless S11 comp is seeing a ton of sym/orisa/mei/genji/every support except mercy from me when it starts.


Fun Fact: It’s still in the hero gallery.


I mean she still has her secondary that can easily knock them from a distance and can still 1 shot them.


I just wanted her supportive elements buffed so people wouldn’t complain when I pick her as a support. So my desires for change were thrown out the window from the get go. This was never what I wanted but I am trying to adapt.


Proof: Previously when I used left click on an item, it would take a second before damage would register and it would go flying. Now it goes flying instantly.

Also, testing it myself on PTR in matches, left click seems to be more consistent. I assure you, it’s not just a “feeling”.


Don’t know, played her for couple of days … she does look a bit weaker than before, but her play-style is much more engaging and I’d say more fun - now there’s always something for you to do …


So is Blizzard

20 char


The Turrets and teleporter are good changes

The barrier eating is kinda not worth while cause by the time the barrier is down and your charged up your getting swarmed. Sym is now a flanker and is required for the other team to just willfully ignore flanks. The Ult so far I have yet to see it used well when I see it I just walk through it and kill the Sym and I haven’t seen a good opportunity to use it my self.


Weaving in and out of it is its limited and useful function. Seems like very little, but it overall helps a lot.


I don’t consider that proof really. Testing how good her primary feels on inanimate objects or it simply “seeming better” in a match is hardly evidence of an impactful change.


Only thing I miss is shield piercing orbs.