I, a top 500 player, am quitting overwatch, or going to barely play. Here is why Blizzard needs to wake up

It’s also bound to give feedback. I mean are you new to forums or something?

Goodbye! Goodbye goodbye!

Double sniper comps indeed have instant kill potential Rein on shield break or stun.
Widow HS is 300 and storm arrows has 420 effective dps. So if the team is ready and Brig hits Rein with a one second stun through his shield he’s dead. That’s without other damage or discord. A discord widow HS is still 390 damage which means Rein will probably die within the next few seconds. If there’s one role I can’t imagine playing it’s definitely main tank. Seems so painful

Man, if you had written this about Widow 2 years ago people would have laughed.

This’ll get lost amongst the lot of lot of these guys licking Blizzard’s boots and trying to flame you for having an opinion that contradicts the company line for Overwatch, but I completely agree with what you have to say, Kosi. This is an absolutely undesirable situation, and Blizzard does nothing about it and tells us to deal with it. Absolutely insufferable dev-team, I’ve seen better ones on Steam Greenlight using RPG Maker.


So… Bastion hasn’t been mentioned much here, and i fear that’s because not many people know How To address Bastion.

Except for the mains, of which i am one.

Bastion only Barely Works in Highly Coordinated Teams.
OWL Level Coordination is needed for Bastion to even Begin To seem useful, let alone “Viable”

Otherwise, Almost literally every single other hero in this game, Can walk ALL Over Bastion.

Here’s the place to go, for anyone wondering further about this issue:
{💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (570+ Likes, 18,500+ Responses)}

Basically, to sum it up… Sentry mode, The “Turret” Doesn’t deny areas as close as 3 meters, and as far as 30 meters, AT ALL.

You can Easily Corner peek a Bastion, Without fear and usually kill it.

Sentry mode needs the following:

  • Lowered Spread.
  • The ability to land Headshots.

Along with these things, the ammo and damage per bullet are highly discussed among the Bastion playerbase.

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I don’t know what heroes you play, or what misplays you’re doing but I can tell you that it comes down to two things in this game,
1)Mechanical Skill
2)Game Sense

Now, I notice that you play on XBOne and I have no idea on how to play with a Controller or what Heroes are currently good on Console because the Patch is different between Console and PC. I do know that Pharah is pretty dominant on the Console space and Hitscans aren’t exactly the easiest to play. I suggest go with less Aim reliant heroes unless you’re really comfortable on Aim, Tanks are a good option too.

I primarily play DPS so I usually Duo queue with a Support main. You should duo with a Support main if you play DPS or a Tank, trio is ok too, but Solo is just too much ‘Random’. Don’t play in 6 stacks, it’s not worth it.

The climb from Gold to Plat will be pretty easy, I literally did the whole Silver to Platinum climb in 20 hours of Competitive play during season 8. I played Genji, Reaper and Moira. I gained more SR than I lost so I was able to climb. Gained about 35-40 lost about 20.

Do not queue when you’re on a loss streak, Play one game, if you win play another, if you get obliterated stop, if you loose after a fair fight requeue. If you loose 2 games in a row, stop. You can always regain the lost SR but don’t queue when you are tilted.

As a Bastion main, this post is life. Bastion is in a terrible place at the moment. I don’t think Bastion needs headshots, I think he needs the lowered spread and just a tad bit more iron clad or some kind of health boost. I think his self-heal should be taken off the meter and reset to infinite use again.


I Agree almost completely!
(Also, thanks.)

But headshots reward higher skilled play, And… Bastion needs his skill ceiling raised.


Basrion is not a problem he can be countered by teamplay, mercy and brigitte are annoying

I don’t think so to be honest; even the most bot Bastion could land a ton of headshots in turret mode back in the old days, but I respect your opinion nonetheless. We both agree that he needs his spread lowered a bit; otherwise, Bastion can’t even deny areas properly; if he’s not within a few meters, he might as well just return to Recon mode and try to land lucky headshots, and at that point he should very well switch.

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Did you… Read anything that was written?

Bastion most definitely isn’t a “Problem” Bastion is the worst hero in this game.

I completely agree with the OP. I’ve always hated how even Jeff has come out and said that they think the fans want more heroes. I’d much rather see heroes balanced and fixed (Doomfist STILL has very frustrating bugs left but they couldn’t figure out how to fix them so they buffed his shields) than hew heroes added. What a joke of a game. It had so much potential.

I disagree with this. Tanks are fun to play, the problem is that SHIELD tanks are the only tanks that can man tank right now. Both shield tanks provide an incredible benefit in that the negate tons of damage and stall ult charge for most heroes.

Tanking might be more fun if Rein and Orisa werent your ONLY main tank option. THAT is what is presently making the tanking scene pretty lame. A main tank that absorbed team damage in a different way than SHIELDS would be really cool.

As far as healing goes I think Mercy is a little over tuned. Her single target healing could be toned down a bit. I think her single target healing + rez makes her feel like a must pick on a lot of maps. Moira and Lucio are decent options but rez can really bolster team sustain especially on defense.

I said it before.

The problems arent the metas, the real problem is the long time that we have to play the same stale meta.

And plz add pharahmercy on console on the list the broken things.

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