Huge FPS drops with decent setup

Ok, I’m starting to lose my mind over this… the past 2-3 weeks I’ve had some fps problems with overwatch, normally I have 100 fps more or less, now it’s not stuck but it’s hovering around 70 or less. The thing is that I have every single setting on low…

My specs are :
Gtx 1050 ti (4gb)
i7-7700hq (2.80ghz)
8gb ram
ssd with 128gb
1tb storage

As I said, I have every single setting on low…
Idk what’s wrong, but something is clearly wrong with this…
Like 3 months ago I had 250 fps with literally everything low, even the res and the renderscale. I even have my game on running on high demand but no luck.
I just tried that in practice rage, but now I get 150 or less when I try.

Someone help, please!


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You may want to post a DXDiag so an MVP or Blizzard support can help you troubleshoot your system.

well lol, i cant… its having to manny letters in it

Try to post it on pastebin and share the link in this thread.

Device Name: Razer Ornata Chroma
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Probably this issue from the sticky threads: