HUGE Beam Changes - The Rise of Zarya, Sym, and Moira

I mean they fixed a bug. Beams were always meant to be like this.

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They dev mentioned it would effect Winston to a lesser degree. Idk about Mei but I would assume so? Haven’t tried Mei yet

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Winston yes, to a lesser extent, but Mei wasn’t brought up by the dev, so I don’t think so? To be fair, I never really considered her spray a beam.


yes, but less so. Not sure about mei, is her weapon treated as a beam?

Still, i like the chamges and i’m super happy they listened to feedback on infinite to changes.
Still not perfect, but i like it.


I’m just treating everything that can bypass DM as a beam.

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yes, but i wonder if it’s coded as a beam internally (20% reduction against armor and all), since it never seem to come up whenever the patch notes mention it.

SHHHHHHHHHHHH! Stop making these threads! You’re gonna get sym nerfed

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Rumor has it that the “lightsaber” beam issue is back? Is this true? I would hope not.

For those unfamiliar it was when sym could swipe her beam around rapidly and still do full damage to people. Zarya might now have it too if it is back.

They managed to make Moira easier, even after they gave her a free out of jail stun immunity card?

Interestingly, against the background of all the sh1t occurring in the game, Genji will receive a long-awaited buff, and not just another indirect nerf ?

Honestly I think he needs one now that beams hit him much easier now.