How would you want Ana to be changed?

She seems to be a disliked hero by many specifically due to sleep and nade. However every time the devs show winrate stats Ana seems to be underperforming for most ranks. So it seems she would need compensation buffs to account for any nerfs to nade and/or sleep. What would you change about her?

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Anti nade to be removed and Sleep dart to be shorter

Any why do people always say xyz hero, who is OP, needs compensation buffs. It defeats the point of nerfing OP heroes…


Ana doesn’t needs any changes

Yes let’s nerf one of the few support abilities that help deals with Tracer harassing the back line…


Split nade into “positive nade” (heal) and “negative nade” (damage, similar to Moira’s orb.


Reduce nade’s damage and anti effect by 50%.


There doesn’t seem to be any evidence she’s overperforming? Her overbuff stats don’t say much because she’s picked a ton and has a 50% winrate as expected. The times the devs show unmirrored winrate stats Ana is usually underperforming.


Its more of a general statement that directed wasnt at Ana. People think xyz hero is OP and needs xyz ability nerfed but they also needs to be compensated. It defeats the whole point of nerfing them

Literally just reduced the anti healing effect from 100% I don’t care by how much they can lower it to 90% anti heal or 80% but for the least ve of god just weaken the anti heal effect and she would be perfectly fine.


Bionade 50% anti heal

Sleep dart replaced with a grapple hook in the vein of Widowmaker’s

50% is the truly necessary change though

  • bio nade duration reduced from 3.5s to 3
  • sleep dart cooldown increased from 14 to 15s
  • sleep dart minimum damage wakeup requirement duration reduced from 1.5 to 0.65s (meaning how long it takes for a point of damage to wake somebody up)

There’s a lot of support tools that can help deal with her. We don’t need to have one hero who makes every role feel miserable just to deal with a Tracer.


For anti-nade one of the two:

  1. 100%->50% reduction of anti-heal. Could buff direct damage on impact if it’s too harsh nerf although I doubt it.
  2. Duration scales with radius. 3.5s for direct hit, 1s for barely touching someone

For sleep dart I would like to see minimum duration decresed. Right now it’s 1.5s stun minimum so if you are getting shot and get slept you are stunned for 1.5s at least. Would be nice to reduce that to like 0.7s (old flashbang)

For nano I would cut the heal entirely or at least make it 250hp->100hp. It would still be a strong combo ult but not a swingy save of the teammate anymore.


Sleep Dart

  • Minimum sleep duration (the one that happens if some1 instantly gets damaged when put to sleep) reduced from 1.5s to 0.5s.

  • Cooldown reduced from 14s to 12s

Biotic Grenade

  • Anti Healing down to 75% from 100%
  • Duration increased to 4s from 3.5s
  • Cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds
  • Allied Healing reduced from 60 to 30, self healing stays the same.

Buff some of the dps characters so its harder to just heal in general and shes fine.

Nade now locks health. You can get healed, but not past the point the nade hit. Basically, make it a counter to burst healing with the simple counter of keeping people at manageable health levels.

Sleep just shouldn’t have a wake up or falling asleep animation. Once you get hit you can instantly move and use cooldowns.

Reduce nade duration to 3s.

Increase sleep dart cooldown to 15s.

Maybe set duration of sleep dart on tank back to 5s.

Nerf: Anti-heal only prevents 50% of healing on tanks and 70% of healing on non-tanks

And if it makes her kinda weak:

Buff: When Ana nanoboosts someone, she receives 50% of it’s effects for herself for the duration

You don’t. The only ones who complain about Ana are low rank players. Without Ana, nothing will die because there’s no antiheal. Supports want to play deadbrain easy healer bots and that’s like 70% of the forum community.

I beg the devs to not listen to forum balance suggestions. These players aren’t even at minimum masters and we are always at bad states of the games because of it. We’re in the this current meta where nothing dies because of strong supports, and the forum’s reaction is to nerf Ana? The one support that can actually deal with the overwhelming amount of healing. Not sure if the devs want support players to be literal heal-bots, or have a more strategic game playing around abilities. New Hero designs have not been risk-reward at all.


Its about game balance. We don’t nerf heroes to keep them low; we do it so that they can still be good, but not as good. Misunderstanding this is exactly why we’re in this situation with Overwatch 2 now.

If you nerf a hero, and now they can’t do their job, it means that hero would need buffs due to literally underperforming. Simple, right?

So if X hero is blantly OP and they change X ability and then make other X ability better it still doesnt change the fact that the charc design is OP… They should be nerfed once they have more data AFTER the nerf then look at buffs and compensations

Well, I could say a lot about just that. But let’s hold that for a moment.

Generally, for me it’s entirely about AntiHeal being too strong, too frequent, and too easy.
And there’s a ton of ways they could replace that with a nerf or different ability.

That said, I’m very much in the opinion that whatever compensation buffs she’d get should be “FPS Game” buffs. Not “MOBA Game” buffs".


And what ability would you say is easier than anti-heal? Because anti-heal is one of the more difficult abilities to land. And if you say it isn’t. Most of the support roster’s abilities are a “press the button” ability. At least when Ana uses her nade she’s vulnerable. Can’t say the same for most of the support roster.