How would you update Mercy?

I want her to need to aim the beam so I dont feel like dying whenever Im forced to use her

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Her ability to look around while healing is pretty important for her.

Knowing possible sources of incoming damage at all times allows her to reposition accordingly, and heal the right targets.

And since the 50 nerf, you have to plan who to sacrifice and rez later.

Making her have to aim would remove this and make her a worse Ana


I am not a mercy main, but I would say that they should put her 60 hps back to where it was before, have rez as ult, and maybe make valkerie a weaker ability on E (like torb)
I think that it would make her a reliable main healer, and I hope that they could tweak the ult so she wont become OP and a must pick with it again.


Keep her as she is (She’s balanced right now) or remove rez entirely and get it over with.


Just for clarification.
Would you consider reworking Mass Res as a revert too? Or as a new rework?


I would like to see her changed like Titanium suggested in his thread here.

Even though I think that would make her underpowered and needs buffs to make her viable. I do think those changes would help her gameplay and would allow “skill expression” or however you want to call it visible again. Plus it would get her closer to her former self allowing Mercy to be more strategic again and not just a boring heal/rezbot for a pocket hero.


I’d increase her base hps to 60 and ult healing to 70 and increase rez cooldown to 40 secs. Also during her ult if you start rezzing from her normal 5 meters it doesn’t stop the rez if you move away.

I am SO sick of going for a rez and accidentally cancelng it whilst trying to avoid bullets.

Add something so that even out of valk, rez can’t be distance canceled by Mercy, but boops still work

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I’d buff her valkyrie and make rez instant during the ult without cast time, that’s all.


She is fine the way she is.


Not trying to be rude, but you really can’t say this.

On the flipside, I, nor anyone else can objectively say there’s something wrong.

However, we can for sure say we don’t find holding left click on a target and having them slowly die anyway enjoyable.

60 HPS was never a problem.

Mass resurrect before invulnerability was never a problem. In fact, it was statistically underpowered, which is why invuln was added.

The rework was never necessary.

Yet, here we are.

When we said we wanted an E ability for Mercy, this isn’t what we meant.


Since valk and E rez won’t ever work where they are and as they are, I would make the same as in the past, when these designs existed. I would rework those two buttons, keeping rez where it could be balanced (ult) and changing or entirely removing valk, because it’s unnecessary as it is. I’d consider this a rework since this rework is not being called a revert (which it is indeed following that logic). After that, I could try a lot of things, but the formula would be like this:

Ult: some kind of multiple rez (not valk anymore)
E: either valk or a completely new ability
Healing: reverted to 60 hp/s or adjusted to 55, depending on her balance.
Rest of her kit: untouched, unless needed because of balance reasons.

My reasons? Easy. Check Mercy’s past when she had valk (alpha) and why it was removed. The same goes for stationary rez (beta, and now it’s busted as her E) and her healing (seasons 2-3). All those problems have been reverted with this revert called rework for some reason.

I’ll simply point out a thing here, because this tophic is incredibly controversial. Mass rez was overall balanced. However, if she had an E ability, it would’ve been possibly overpowered. Anyway, without the i-frames Mercy was even underpowered, that’s true. If she have had an E ability from the beginning, she could have had less power concentrated on her ult, so she could have been more easily balanced through ranks.

That was the way to go. She never needed a revert back to alpha. Also, her rez mechanic never needed a revert back to beta, and her healing never needed a revert back to seasons 2-3. She never needed such a huge revert. She needed to go forward, not backward.


Healing Output

  • 60HPS at all times


  • E ability
  • Free flight only
  • 6 second uptime
  • 12 second cooldown (CD starts when uptime ends)

Ultimate = Salvation

  • Staff hits ground, Gandalf “you shall not pass” esque
  • Stunnable during staff animation to cancel
  • Any teammate below half health in LoS gets healthpool flipped
  • Example 1: 20hp Tracer --> 130hp Tracer (Full health - 20hp)
  • Example 2: 2hp Hog --> 598hp Roadhog (Full health - 2hp)
  • Example 3: 99hp Zen --> 101hp Zen (you get the idea)
  • Example 4: 350hp Orisa --> No change, already over 50%
  • Ult charge required = 1750 points

No Rez, but also no need to remove the iconic “Heroes never die!”, because it fits just as well, arguably better.


Blizz have said that they feel that rez is too important to Mercy. (And I agree.)

While your idea sounds nice, it can’t happen in the forseeable future.

Thank you for always saying things better than I ever could lmao


Reduce the movement slow on Res - Res does need to be punishable but right now that punishment is way too high - on anything but the most co-ordinated of teams, going for a res anywhere near an actual fight is 75% suicide, and that’s way too high. Maybe add a ‘glow’ animation on her or her target to compensate, but give her a chance to survive.

Rework followed up with a new character that is similar. People want enough different things a single hero won’t do it long term.

  1. Beam Heal raised to 60 HPS
  2. Rez removed from E (except during Valkyrie if retained as Ultimate)
  3. Alternate E cooldown ability, along the lines of either:
    a) 50% increase to 90 HPS / 45% Damage Boost for 3 seconds,
    b) Burst heal to beam target, say 100 Heal,
    c) Damage resistance to beam target, say 50% for 3 sec,
    e) Valkyrie for 5 seconds (probably a lengthy 20-30 seconds CD)


I would ask for no further changes

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Again, no rudeness intended, but OP asked how you would change Mercy, not if you thought she was “fine”.

And also again, this statement cannot be proven as fact.