How Would You Feel If Your Main Wasn’t What You Remebered?

Ok, so youre just a troll.

you just went full circle around yourself…

But D. Va isn’t lower than F Tier. She has always been a must pick for all teams because of her DM, mobility, and ultimate. I’d rather play Symmetra 1.0 than 3.0 because she was changed from who she originally was. And the ones that “love” the change don’t even main her. The real Symmetra mains either hate it or interested in the turrets only. Sometimes changing a hero because of what “pros” say isn’t always the right answer.

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And you completely changed what the main subject thus post was about. It wasn’t about Mercy. It was about how you would feel if your hero was completely changed which links to reworks.

Not its been because of Her mobility burst and DM, Her ult is a zoning ult at best.

Nononono. I responded to you suggesting dva getting buffed a lot, not to the original topic of the thread. Then responded to you saying mercy flying makes her an easy target for dps. Never once did I comment on what OP said. Only posted about how you are wrong.

There it is……….
does reapers ultimate get him a six kill every time? Does genjis, s76, Tracer?

No they don’t.

Quit comparing her ultimate like its guaranteed 5 person benefits. Its not. Theres 2 dps doing god knows what and your chain is constantly breaking as your team is in and out of obstacles. Like I said her heals have risen 300 per game since Valkyrie and damage boost is near the same. Lets say mercy has 6 ultimates per game. That’s 50 heals and 50 damage amp per ult.

But using your math at a constant 5 heroes targeted shes getting a mix of 3,750 mixed healing/damage amplified per ultimate for a grand total of 22,500 mixed heals/boost per game on ultimate alone.

Not sure what your playing but that has never happened in the billions of games played since her rework.

I responded to someone who said Valk was OP because she could fly. Flying does really make her an easy target.

and YOUR answer was exactly the opposite of this xD

The only reason why you would ult without meeting this quota is in fact a risky rez, nothing else, so again, if you feel like Valk is useless that’s because you are really bad at this game, period

Id be interested to see the data that shows mercy only did 300 more healing per game once she got reworked.

I know that my experience is different in what I’m about to say, but it is similar in the aspect that a part of my main’s kit was changed to the point I didn’t want to play her anymore. I used to only play Pharah, I loved her because of her utility to bounce opponent’s from one rocket to the next. I allowed me to be a close range disruptor, which is Pharah’s most effective range due to her projectile speed. When they completely removed the knockback from her rockets I was devastated. I thought "I can make this work, I can still play this character. 100 hours on Pharah… and that one changed made me hate her. I know what it’s like to have your main changed until they feel like a stranger. Sometimes it’s just best to let go.

I made forums about the changes and how it effected me personally, but it doesn’t matter. They make changes they think will work, changes that benefit what they suddenly want the character to be, it doesn’t matter how many people loved the character and the playstyle before. If they want to change it then they will and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. If Mercy isn’t what you want her to be then stop playing her, if there isn’t another character that appeals to you then stop playing the game. There’s nothing else to be said, because this company isn’t going to listen.

Mercy is gone and she’s been replaced with this new character and you just have to get used to it. Because it’s not going to change as sad as it is. Your main is gone.

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oddly enough he/she already gave the maximum possible number and considering how high it is, the delta for healing on valk is WAY more than 300 but again, bias is a strong thing my man

Heres a copy paste from Titanium’s well worded thread:

Why is this thing still an ultimate ability?
Valkyrie is a disgusting… pile? I’m trying to think of a good word to describe it…
Looks up synonyms for “pile”
Valkyrie is a disgusting conglomerate of existing abilities that were all thrown into a single ability with seemingly no regard for cohesion or player experience. There’s nothing original in Valkyrie.
Flight? Pharah has that.
Mediocre AoE healing? Hello, Moira, Lucio, and Ana.
AoE damage amplifier? Orisa.
As a result of trying to put all of these into one ability, the developers also made every ultimate that Valkyrie contends with (or tries to, anyway) simply outclass it. The ability can be summarized by “Jack of all trades, remotely sufficient in none”.
Valkyrie poses the opposite problem that Resurrect does. Rather than an ultimate placed behind a basic ability, Valkyrie is a basic ability placed behind an ultimate.
Let’s list what Valkyrie currently offers:
Allows Mercy to fly in any direction at 9 meters/second. (5.5 is base walking speed for most heroes).
Extends the range of Mercy’s beams from 15 meters to 30 meters.
Extends the range of Guardian Angel from 30 meters to 50 meters.
Mercy’s passive regeneration is no longer interrupted by damage.
Mercy’s beams spread to all allies within 10 meters of the primary target.
Guardian Angel’s flight speed is increased.
Mercy’s pistol has infinite ammunition and a faster projectile speed.
If we were to cut this list down to the parts that actually have a direct influence on the fight, we would get:
Mercy’s beams spread to all allies within 10 meters of the primary target.
Mercy’s pistol has infinite ammunition and a faster projectile speed.
That’s it. Everything else either has no realistic use, or it just makes Mercy harder to kill… which doesn’t really matter being that she removes herself from the fight while using Valkyrie anyway.
Let’s throw these capabilities up against the ultimate abilities that are most comparable to Valkyrie: Transcendence and Supercharger.
Transcendence is very similar to the healing aspect of Valkyrie in several ways. Both heroes gain additional mobility upon activation. They both heal all five allies in a 10 meter radius around Zenyatta/the primary beam target. They both become (effectively) unkillable while using their respective ultimates. They are both unable to impact the fight in any way other than healing while healing their team with their ultimates; Zenyatta is a channeled ultimate, and Mercy is unable to heal and shoot at the same time.
What’s the difference between Transcendence and Valkyrie? Transcendence has five times the healing output (soon to be six!). Transcendence heals for 300 health/second on every target. Valkyrie heals for 60 health/second on every target. Valkyrie’s healing rate is simply blown out of the water by Transcendence.
Unfortunately, we do not have statistics that tell us exactly how much healing Mercy is doing through Valkyrie, but we do know that Mercy’s overall healing output really isn’t much higher than it was pre-rework. As of the day I am typing this (August 7th), Mercy’s average healing output is 12085. Her pre-rework healing numbers were around 11900. If we were to just assume that Valkyrie’s introduction is the only thing responsible for the current statistic, we would only be able to say that Valkyrie provides a bonus 200 healing/game on average. In contrast, Zenyatta averages 2259 Transcendence healing/game.

That isnt what I was curious about, I wanted to see where this “300 more than pre rework” came from. I find it hard to believe its that little with the aoe healing and increased survivability she has been given.

I’m no Sym main, but she’s my 4th most played hero I think. I played her quite a bit. I agree that her primary fire feels like poodoo (and I play Zarya; I’m pretty used to how it works too). I love the turret change though, would probably take current iteration to when she only had TP, turret charge rate was way lower, and her E was those middling shields.

Remember when dva was a tank? Dps players will swear up and down the walls about how shes so much funner now that you just gogogo as hard as you can and dump damage into people as fast as possible. I absolutely hate it, they took an interesting, unique tank gutted her strengths and reduced her to the lowest common denominator where the strategy is to roll your face of your keyboard when you see an enemy.

Her average healing over the past month as of today is 12087.

Where are those numbers from? Overbuff? Is it from all ranks or only high ones?

Overbuff. All ranks.

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(I mean there are those who enjoy mercy 2.0 but let’s ignore them for the sake of our demands, which have been met with a no from the devs, but hey)

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