👻 How would you change Shadestep and Teleporter?


Yes basically this.

But it would leave Reaper vulnerable in his original spot while you’re choosing the new spot. And once cast it would have less endlag. He can do an action faster after he teleports.

Or just keep it as it is but with no endlag once he teleports


I would do this

Wraith Form
When reaper activates Wraith Form he turns into a black mist traveling across the floor and up walls for up to 6 seconds
Wraith Form still can be canceled and refills his ammo

This would kinda combine Shadow-step and wraith form into one thing letting him have something new


Tanks don’t oneshot you from any range and position.


I actually really like how shadowstep functions, unpopular opinion but I think its fine, gives a very strong in combat hero the ability to flank from most directions without being visible many times.

Teleporter could see much better use if it didn’t explode itself after 8 seconds, make it permanent and like torb let them on commmand break it.


When? Honestly looked…


no any combat mobility.


Teleporter would have LOS range. I have a longer breakdown of Reaper from awhile ago. Would change and expand his loadout:


Replace it with something else


But they do prevent it lol, use yer noodle


And here I was under the impression people wanted an alternative to Goats.


Doomfist’s ult is nice in that it removes Doom from the game and so he’s not going to die just using it but no.

Instead make it work like shadowstep/teleporter work like Symmetra’s ult or Mei’s wall. Both of those abilities are very easy to place properly (though Sym’s is often not very useful because enemies can walk through it).

It throws a line up that can be rotated, the line length ends where a wall without a flat-perchable-surface begins. Activating ability places the Reaper/destination_portal at the highest perch at the end of that line.

Doing this would reduce lag and give Symmetra portal that can actually be useful distance away from the actually.

But Symm still needs more armor/health or her shield back cause she is way to fragile to be good at close quarter combat.


So because tanks counter snipers, that means I want goats? Is that what you’re going with? Lol


Goats was a response to Burst Damage instagibbing everything else.


And? Rein soft counters widow, always has, it’s kinda his job. Same for Orisa and Winston.


And? Everybody wants Goats gone.

To do that you need a viable alternative.

If you can’t just ignore the sniper, you have to be able to go around them, enter the teleporter.


But teleporting through walls is obscenely powerful for one person, much less an entire team


There’s a lot of obscenely powerful stuff in the game that people are just fine with.

A team having the option to not have to go through a chokepoint sounds plenty reasonable.


You haven’t thought about the ramifications at all, have you?


Bunker Comps having to consider defense from two angles instead of just one?
Snipers having to look a direction other than forwards?

Sym’s teleport only reaches 25 meters. Where exactly is that gamebreaking?


Lots of walls are quite thin, so finding some place to put the teleported where the enemy won’t see either entrance would be quite easy.

An example, on attack Hanamura, I’m certain the teleporter would be able to go from the right side alleyway to the bridge leading to the right side of the second point. Alternatively, the left side alleyway could go to the Cliffside behind the first point. Not to mention just teleporting into the stairwell on the right side of the first point.

This game is not built for teleporting entire teams through walls. Many of the games maps have entire areas separated by walls only a few meters thick.