How would you buff Lucio


He has been a sad victim of power creep. Just gathering up useful ideas from this forum. Commence discussion! :slight_smile:


Speed up ult animation. Make his aura bit bigger.
Maybe, maybe make it so when you amp it up doubles aura range.


I say we attach some of Genji’s shurikens to the tip of his dreadlocks and give him more speed.


lucio is fine how he is what does he need to be “viable?” he’s a secondary healer meaning he should have silver healing instead of gold


At this point, I think they could revert the nerf they did to the radius of Lucio’s aura, the healing one at least, and he’d be alright.


Speed up ult cast. Remove the double jump when ulting in the air. Increase the shielding to 700. Instead of Decay, Shields disappear after 6 seconds (Like Hammond’s personal shield). Amp It Up increases aura radius by 5 meters. Soundwave’s knockback is a guaranteed 5 meters


Make him sing dope af rap lyrics.


buff ult slightly

no reason to buff anything else


I’m liking the idea.
The speeding up of his ult would make any attempt to stop it impossible, though.


By making some character that isn’t Zenyatta able to counter GravDragons.


Well for now it is too easy to stop. With all instant CC flying around and it long charging time.


Nerfing is the key, here, then.
Power creep is an issue we can’t have more of.


Buff his earbleed!!!


I would love a small radius increase from 10 meters to 12 meters. And a faster ult animation.


I would make it so that his ultimate was not garbage in comparison to zenny.


Fix his Trash Ult. Animation is too long and it decays too fast.


Holy crap they actually are doing it!

was at work and couldn’t be on the forums


Interesting to see all the ult comments.

I wish his switch between heal & speed had a faster animation.


Crossfade radius would be increased to 12m + barrier shields increased to 750HP

For the faster animation, i realised that if i used Lucio and made him jump onto a a platform/area which is higher than ground level, the Ult will kick in quicker. Granted it is not the perfect solution and is totally situational, nevertheless, it is something which can be used. Did it a couple of times to trigger the Ult quicker.


If anything, i just wish that his Ult can charge faster.