How well will my PC run OW?


I saw the recommended specs post, but I don’t know much about specs. Here are my specs/questions.

-Windows 10
-AMD Ryzen 5 2500u (is this better/equal to the recommended Phenom?)
-Radeon Vega Mobile GFX 2.00GHz
-7.64GB usable RAM memory
-200GB available storage
-Internet is fine
-1920x1080 resolution

If this is not enough information, let me know what I need to add to the post and how to find it.

Can this run OW, and how well if so?


I think you mean Laptop first of all. Also I believe that this kind of stuff you should look into yourself and not us, I’d suggest asking someone who has experience with this kind of stuff, such as stores, workshops etc. Even friends if they know their stuff.
There are also reviews and Benchmark videos on YT that show these kind of things, look for yourself, compare, etc.
Do you have a budget or not, etc, more questions come into play.

Before I dig deeper into the other things I would like to mention that 200GB of available storage is very small. If you plan on playing ONLY Overwatch then it’s good, if you plan on playing other than OW then upgrade, in these days where games are 20GB+ you will run out of space very quickly and you’ll be forced to unistall and install games constantly, not to mention clean your PC from inside very frequently. Not counting other images,downloads,apps and stuff that also take space, also leave a lot of space free for the system to work with.
As for 7.64GB of usable RAM memory it’s good, i have 8GB on my laptop and runs games just fine. In the future I would suggest upgrading (buy another laptop, since RAM in PC VS LAPTOP is quite different)

I am not very familiar with Laptop GPUs and CPUs but I’ve heard of a few products, but not of those that you have mentioned in your setup. Ryzen i was able to find the production date, specs, etc.
Ryzen seems to be good enough if you plan on playing on medium to lowest, you’d be looking at around 50-60+ something FPS if you plan on playing on that resolution

Overhaul, my suggestion is to raise your budget and look for a better Laptop.


I used to run OW on a dual core intel ivy bridge with a NVS 5200m(gt 730m) Got 40-60 fps in 1080p with everything on low. If my potato laptop ran it then your system should. The game will adjust the best video settings for you automatically, but you can tweak it of course.


Welcome Ryan,

Based on reviewing your hardware I do believe all listed components meet and exceed the Overwatch Recommend System requirements. So you should be good to go with this laptop. I would not necessarily recommend full Epic graphic settings, but you should easily be made to reach a minimum 60 FPS at High Graphic Settings or lower.

For more tips on selecting the best hardware or maximizing the performance of your machine be sure to ready my guide in the Technical Support forum here:


Your guide is quite impressive, how long did it take ?


By no means am I a good source for tech support, but when I had issues running OW I would generally go into the practice range and/or AI fights and do Ctrl-Shift-N, which brings up a graph and values for your gameplay. It can also narrow down where your issue(s) maybe.


The original version on the old forums that I released back in 2017 took several days of research. This version which was updated in October was enhanced with the feedback I have received along with taking advantage of the new forum features to provide visuals and more and required several weeks of editing and reviews by my fellow MVPs.


ow is a 3y old game made by blizzard.
this means a potato could run it.
your mobile pc will probably run it at max settings the highest refresh rate and highest resolution your pc can handle.


This is not very good advice, most low-budget brand new PCs are not equipped with hardware capable of rendering a 3D game such as Overwatch, as they are intended for work applications and not gaming. Furthermore, PCs that are as old as ten years could theoretically run Overwatch as long as they have the right hardware.


Found this video

Looks like it runs just fine 60fps at 720 but seems to struggle a bit at 1080p


i know what im talking about.
most recent portable computer with an igp made by intel have atound 1 and 1.5tflops of graphic power and it is generally enough to run ow at 60fps at 1920x1080.