How to Swap Random Players' Teams

I have a protect the president type mode where there are 2 assassins on team 1. How would I make it swap 2 random people onto team 1 from team 2 at the end of a game sort of like how 1 dad vs 11 kids does it but with 2 players?

I think this can be achieved with the “Move Player To Team” action.
However, please note that you cannot exceed the maximum number of players for a team or side.
If you have any other problems, please let me know the details.

True, that’s not possible, however applying the action on a player and it’s target slot on the opposite team is not available that player will be moved to queue for the opposite team, if a opposite player from that team is attempted to move too, the player in queue or someone who joined at that moment of moving, will take the free slot, so it’s handled with caution, but i assume the mode OP mentioned, does attempt to shuffle the team multiple times if possible algorithmically, to create a pseudo-swap, meaning at least the players swap teams.