How to play tank in Season 9

Run away. Hide! Prop hunt time!


Bro, such fun gameplay man!
Clearly everyone will flock to play tank after seeing this!

Hiding for 5 seconds every time you do something is so cool!


That’s the neat part! You don’t.


Every time I run and hide after doing nothing when trying to engage, I’m going to think of myself as that toddler!!


I’ve been playing a lot of Ball lately. He feels more survivable this patch with the extra hp.


Your team will hate you though


gm rein.
I can barely survive in diamond its wild. everything hits me + 20% healing debuff + zen every match = time to clear out that backlog baby

Finally finished Alan Wake 1 and might start either Alan Wake 2 or Dead Space Remake


Might finally be time to 100% Assassins Creed Origins then for me.

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That’s a bad guide.

… he forgot the part where you don’t play 75% of the tank roster because they’re throw picks.


“My tank isn’t pushing up! Tank diff ggs they’re throwing”

Every metal rank dps main in OW


I wonder if we’re going to get some sort of buff to armour out of all this, and then give some armour to pure white HP tanks to boot.

I like in-combat healing being lower, but tanks should probably be, y’know, tanky.


Yeah, what makes the good tanks good right now is the ability to run away better. It’s why mobile tanks are doing well. And Sigma because he’s tanky as heck.


to whoever tell people to find cover

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This is supposedly the ideal form of Overwatch to some. If you ever needed proof that DPS mains are all egotistical maniacs, this is it. They claimed their role was cosmetic when it clearly wasn’t. They just wanted to break role equality and be the de-facto best there is. Emongg doesn’t skip a beat here. He’s being a bit facetious but what he’s saying and doing is ACTUALLY how you have to play. There’s no more ability to play or enjoy the game for any role but DPS and on support, only Zen. There’s no more creativity or strategy. Just overpower and deny any recovery. Anybody with half a brain cna see this can never work and its terrible for the game. Revert everything


Ball is too easily countered to be viable

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It’s more of a focus-fire issue. Extra armor isn’t really going to help with that.

Tanks have the tools to deal with focus-fire, but probably doesn’t last long enough for the rest of the team to eliminate key targets.

Other issue may be more map related. El Dorado really isn’t the best place to demostrate; especially through those main chokes like that. Certain heroes are going to need to flank, and take back-passages and coordinate to get through it.

Wider hitboxes doesn’t really change focus-fire on Tanks. They’re still big targets and most players didn’t have issues hitting Tanks.

Rather, the issues came from the immortality of Tanks being aided by Supports, and now the Damage-role has a way of curbing that kind of strategy.

Putting so much emphasis on constant triage could be the root of the issue, but the larger health pools should be addressing that.

Seems about right.

This is also why shields are still the best option in this game.

Literal GM dps / support players****

It’s like the amount of times I get yelled at because I’m frontlining as doom, but then when I DO dive the enemy backline, absolutely no one does it with me. I get half their entire team to stare at me while my team gets solo’d by a ball tracer, and somehow it’s the tanks fault.

That’s why I’ve opted to literally be out of voice chat and just ignore people because EVERY game is the tank’s fault. You could have a dps pulling a fantastic 9-7 and it’ll be your fault.

You have to peel for your supports, but also dive the enemy supports, but also dive the widow, but also make space, but also keep the enemy tank in check all at the same time, all as one human.

It’s awful.


That baby’s missing the part where the parents come in call you a failure and say it’s your fault they’re getting a divorce.

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Yeah, I felt that XD

I finally played this game for the first time since season 4 yesterday and after three tank games this was my play pattern more-or-less.

There are definitely some improvements that need to be made, but also people are being uber dramatic. I was playing JQ and it wasn’t that bad…in low(?)-elo norms