How to multiply DMG in workshop?

I’m trying to create a mode, where after 10, 20, and 30 Eliminations, you respectivly get your DMG multiplied by 4, 8, and 10. For now i only set up 10 eliminations. The effect is working, but the dmg dosen’t seem to be multiplied. The code for the damage multiplication i have set up is: Start Damage Modification(Null, Event Player, Event Damage*4, Recievers, Damagers and Damage Percent). I really need help with this, as this is my second time with this issue and both times I don’t know what to do.

Try this form

Start Damage Modification(Null, Event Player, 100 + (Event Player.Damage *4), Recievers, Damagers and Damage Percent)

I can’t tell where under which event type you started the damage modification, but you need to know if the rule type is not one of the damage registration events, the Event Damage will contextually return 0. Instead of using the raw Event Damage value i would use a variable where the Event Damage is stored and assigned to, you recieve the Event Damage under Player Dealt or Recieved Damage event type.
Lastly would you mind reveal your entire code base so we can check how you started to work with it.

The last parameter tells you what the otehrs 3 do, so setting the first one to null is not correct.

Now, Event Damage means the damage dealt or received when a player deals or takes damage, so taht is not correct either.

Start Damage Modification(All Players(All Teams), Event Player, 100 * Event Player.A, Receivers Damagers and Damage Percent)

You want to increase damage dealt to All Players. The damage will be multiplied by the Player Variable A (this variable will be 0, so set it to 1 when the player spawns to.orevent 0 damage). This variable have to be modified in other rule. For example:

Player Earned Elimination

  • Conditions:

  • Actions:
    Modify Player Variable(Event Player, B, Add, 1)
    If(Player Variable(Event Player, B) == 30)
    Set Player Variable(Event Player, A, 10)
    Else If(Player Variable(Event Player, B) == 20)
    Set Player Variable(Event Player, A, 8)
    Else If(Player Variable(Event Player, B) == 10)
    Set Player Variable(Event Player, A, 4)