How to make Pharmercy less cancerous?


Increase the speed at which McCree’s high noon charges to max damage.

Easy fix


That might have the unintended consequence of making his ultimate useful for something other than a free reload and that is dangerous territory, my friend.


High precision aiming skill


Pharmercy isn’t too good and mcree can already counter with just left clicks and or flashbang tho


Of course this is just the PTR so all of this is subject to change

Pharmercy wing clippers now


… Flashbang? On Pharmercy?..

No lol

You can’t say McCree counters a Pharmercy considering Mercy’s self-healing passive, a healing and damage boosted Pharah, and a primary fire with fall off damage.





Mcree flash bangs both and then no healing and no damage. It’s easy


… how do you Flashbang a flying duo let alone one that is far away from you?


Hm for console this could work

and maybe nerf mercy healing/damage boost
or on console increase GA to 4 seconds


They already did



By getting closer like using the highground and throwing up, what you don’t understand yet is that mcree has a roll


At what SR can you just walk up to a pharamercy and flashbang them ?


Your own Pharah + Mercy, but with discord almost always on the enemy Pharah. A damage boosted direct rocket hit on a discorded target is an insta kill.


… Do you know how far flashbang goes?..

Also, what makes you think I am going to flank with one of the most immobile heroes in the game while the Pharmercy is in the enemy backline?


One hero does not counter a synergistic pair. It takes two ppl to counter effectively.


I can’t believe there’s actually people here defending pharmercy…

If you’re going to defend pharmercy at least have a good argument for it not just “BuT mCrEe CaN FlAsHbAng ThEm!!1!”…seriously it’s like they’re purposefully making themselves look bad…


Flash is almost 10 meters but mcree also has roll for basically tracer level mobility


Well you see, there’s something called the butterfly effect😂


always the hunter never the gun. If you can’t flashbang then that’s on YOU, not the characters.