How to make a move reset a cooldown like doomfist block?

I want to make a parry ability, where it blocks almost all damage for a short time span, and if taking over like “20” dmg or something it would cancel the cooldown of punch so that he could punch, parry, then be able to immediately punch again.

I’ve wanted to make something that keeps the original animation, but has a 4 second cooldown, and can store 3 charges. I’m open to any help

You’re talking about Doomfist specifically, correct? & not adding an animation to Any hero that mimic’s Doom’s Block…cuz that’s not possible.

First thing that comes to mind is to start a Damage Modification OR Set Damage Received while Doom’s using his Block ability (assuming the game recognizes him using it. I say that cuz for some hero’s their abilities don’t trigger the normal “is using Ability” action)

Rule 1: On Going Each Player (Doom)
Is using (…whatever the block ability is) = True

Start a Damage Mod, set it so he receives whatever the Maximum damage % you want IS, while using the ability. Once the block animation ends, set his Cooldown to 4s.

Rule 2: Play Took Damage (Doom)
Is using (…whatever the block ability is) = True
Event Damage > 20
Variable X < 3

Set Secondary Fire (his punch) cooldown to 0
(& set the block ability to 0 as well IF that’s what you want)
Modify Variable X, add 1.

Then possibly make another Rule that Triggers when Variable X is True, and a wait time? starts before resetting it to 0.

Unless i misunderstood what you’re asking, that’s what I’d do to create your idea. You may need to add a few things to Rule 1, so that IF Rule 2 is triggered, Rule 1’s “set cooldown to 4s” is skipped. Also, don’t forget to Terminate the Damage Mod action once his Block is over, else he won’t take damage for the rest of the game.