How to get this spray OWL?


Overwatch League had announced that a spray with Tracer/Hammond could be obtained.

I have watched all the games since Friday but I still don’t have this spray. Is there anything to do in particular? I did link my YouTube account to my

Has anyone been able to get this spray?

Have got no spray or tokens here :frowning:

Received tokens but haven’t found the spray either

The tokens I don’t have a problem with.

Just the spray. I hear you’d have to watch 4 hours of the game, I do.

How do tokens work? I’ve watched like 3 hours total roughly. The app did nothing so I switched to YouTube which I was linked and still didn’t get anywhere :frowning:

Hey everyone, you only need to watch four hours of the opening weekend matches! I recommend tuning in now if have not already (I estimate less than 8 hours remaining in Overwatch League broadcast time for this specific promo.)

VERY IMPORTANT! The game is not yet live in the Overwatch Game Client. So you need to track to make sure you earn at least 4 token drops (20 tokens) throughout the weekend. The spray will appear later.

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Apparently the spray isn’t patched in yet for some reason. It should arrive in a future patch.

I have been seeing multiple issues reported with the Overwatch League mobile app. Either connect your BattleNet account to YouTube or visit on your mobile web browser and sign in there as alternative methods. My guide here has more details:

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Thank you very much for your answer.

That explains why the spray is not even visible in the game. :grin: