How to fix Mystery Heroes

I did buy this game to play Overwatch

You have 6 game modes + broswer games. If you don’t like how mistery heroes works, play another mode. Mistery heroes are supposed to be a chaotic mess and that’s what is fun about it, and it is supposed to be completely random, and that’s the point of the whole game. If you’re up to it, play it, if you’re not, choose another one, there are so many choices


Mystery Heroes is the best game mode in the game to me! Please, do not change it! :v


Whacky is fine, but only when the enemy team has a whacky team comp too.


Not interested in flip of the coin win/lose to comp scenarios. I am interested in the make do with what you have scenario.

If you’re making random email polls, please have an option for max hero limit…I personally think max 2 of a hero is the only rule it needs.

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Tbh I like Mystery heroes as is; broken and all


I like Mystery Heroes as it is. I’ve had my team win against those wacky team comps. People need to get good.


can jeff please respond to all the angry lucio/sombra posts instead of mystery heroes… like really


Well, I agree with you that whacky is fun. But being cheesed on the attack team sometimes feel frustrated for a 10 min match. Maybe let us keep the ulti charge after dying if you can.


Sometimes, they cannot reply to every post because:

  • They cannot risk an outrage because people will react to something they don’t want to hear. Silence is an option.
  • They cannot provide more info, each company know that success is knowing how to keep it shut and reveal at the right time.

Why not both Mystery Heroes (1HL) and Mystery Chaos (anything goes)?

Or you could pick to other names, those were just the first that jumped into my mind.


I’d argue that’s what no limits is for.


Can you explain why i got Orisa and Bastion 80% times i’m playing this mode?


Sounds quite fun to be random but still with some logic to always have healers/tanks and also great to learn new characters while playing for fun.


I think 1HL would be nice for this mode.


I think the whacky team comps are great, but even the whackiest team comp needs a healer or else it flops.

I think always having a healer would only increase the fun of the mode, and would allow these team comps to form rather than it just being a dying-fest until you next get a comp with healers.


They actaully already changed it few times.
Also look at it as improvement.

Agreed. I really don’t like No Limits and haven’t played it in probably close to a year. I do like Mystery Heroes, but I’ve stopped playing it because the comps always end up being so one-sided it’s not fun.


Sure, everyone has, but the ultimate advantage change that occurred a while ago (last year? I do not recall) is what causes the steamroll effect to occur so often. If one team gets even a little sustain (healing or self-healing), they win more often than not, because they keep their ultimate charge. The losing team constantly gets ultimate resets, and since ultimates are so powerful in Overwatch, that leads to a steamroll.

Getting a randomly decent comp with even a little sustain is not the same as “gitting gud.”


Similar for tanks please.

I love the idea and the names. Why not trot one out for a while and then alternate with the other and see which one gets played more?