How to fix Mystery Heroes


You should just tell that person that he is wrong. What “fun” is it to have broken comp vs a team that can’t put half decent team together?


The game browser is the place to do “whacky” team comps if you ask me. I did buy this game to play Overwatch. The objective based team shooter where everyone is after the same goal. To accomplish this, even in the random game mode, I would like at least a little bit of structure. Otherwise I feel like iti’s just a chaotic mess of explosions and gunfire, waiting in the respawn room constantly.


Thanks for looking at it. I already made a moderately whiny post about MH earlier today, so I will not go into any lengths, but I will say that 1HL and hero non-recurrence on an individual player level are my “wants” for the mode.

No Limits is for people that want the crazy 2 Mercy, 2 Orisa and 2 Bastion Comps. It just a waste of time if your team randomly gets no healers or tanks, and the enemy team gets the aforementioned cheese composition. Due to ultimate charge retention, any sort of sustain makes certain compositions just better than others, making randomly getting even one healer a sort of trump card.

Anyway, thanks for taking time to comment on this goofy little Arcade mode for us Arcade players.


But anyway, we can have it at leats just as a test. It is not necesarely to stay if ppl don’t like it.


Don’t ruin Mystery Heroes, Jeff.


I’d argue the problem with pure RNG mystery heroes is that it violates the concept of overall game balance.

I.e. games are supposed to be in that range of “not too easy, not too hard”.

With pure RNG, these games can dip into “Nearly unwinnable” territory.

And that’s where the “fun” dies out.


Thanks Jeff. There’s plenty of people that like Mystery Heroes the way it is


Well sometimes broken comps back fire completely lol. My team received 4 Ana spawns when we were attacking against a Bastion, 2 Moira, 2 Orisa and Pharah.


I did buy this game to play Overwatch

You have 6 game modes + broswer games. If you don’t like how mistery heroes works, play another mode. Mistery heroes are supposed to be a chaotic mess and that’s what is fun about it, and it is supposed to be completely random, and that’s the point of the whole game. If you’re up to it, play it, if you’re not, choose another one, there are so many choices


Mystery Heroes is the best game mode in the game to me! Please, do not change it! :v


Whacky is fine, but only when the enemy team has a whacky team comp too.


Not interested in flip of the coin win/lose to comp scenarios. I am interested in the make do with what you have scenario.

If you’re making random email polls, please have an option for max hero limit…I personally think max 2 of a hero is the only rule it needs.


Tbh I like Mystery heroes as is; broken and all


I like Mystery Heroes as it is. I’ve had my team win against those wacky team comps. People need to get good.


can jeff please respond to all the angry lucio/sombra posts instead of mystery heroes… like really


Well, I agree with you that whacky is fun. But being cheesed on the attack team sometimes feel frustrated for a 10 min match. Maybe let us keep the ulti charge after dying if you can.


Sometimes, they cannot reply to every post because:

  • They cannot risk an outrage because people will react to something they don’t want to hear. Silence is an option.
  • They cannot provide more info, each company know that success is knowing how to keep it shut and reveal at the right time.


Why not both Mystery Heroes (1HL) and Mystery Chaos (anything goes)?

Or you could pick to other names, those were just the first that jumped into my mind.


I’d argue that’s what no limits is for.


Can you explain why i got Orisa and Bastion 80% times i’m playing this mode?