💙 How to fix Echo [From an Echo main]

Her Ult is her biggest problem. It’s too powerful for someone with her kit.
How to balance it:

  • Increase her ult charge by 20-30% (She can get 2 ults in one team fight)
  • Every HP she gains from her ult turns to blue-hp (So it can be countered by EMP)
  • She can only use one enemy ult per her ult. (doesn’t mean the end of her transformation)

please don’t ruin her


You know what upsets me the most?

Echo looks like so so much fun, yet console players can’t even experience her yet till she is live, by then she will be nerfed into the ground.


Already an Echo main?



Since 2018 baby.


An echo main? Are you serious? Does that give you authority or validate your opinion? I believe a team of people that have been doing this since 2016, for a living mind you, have more experience than someone that just dishes out random numbers.




I can’t even right now… how are you an echo main. She’s been out for less than 48 hours. rofl…

She’s fine. She just requires teamwork to deal with. Everytime they release a hero that requires teamwork to deal with people go REEEEEEE I CAN’T KILL HER BY MYSELF! Until they nerf them into the ground. Echo is amazing for the game, I can’t wait until she goes live.

When she ults, switch to her. everyone on your team. GG. Its not hard lol.


“Just teammwork guys 4head” while she’s throwing 2 d.va ults at your face.


I don’t like this as a solution. Just being able to turn into another hero isn’t really powerful on its own; the ability to use another hero’s ultimate is what makes it so powerful, and limiting that to just one per use no matter what wouldn’t be great.

I’m all for lowering the rate she gains ult charge while transformed, but I don’t think capping her ult use is the way to go.


She won’t get 3 dva ults because she’ll be dead. I’ve actually never seen an echo get a d.va ult off. Because everytime she chooses D.va she gets de-meched instantly.

If that’s happened to you, you got outplayed and need to improve, its not a problem with the character.

I’ve played her enough to know how fast she can get it.

Started maining her before she was even added?

That is true dedication right there.


Yes, if the other team is garbage and literally ignores you. Sure. That doesn’t happen in real life where games matter. Which, btw, you’ve never had the experience of doing. None has, because she’s not released yet.

-Sorry, for some reasons I read “maining” as"ruining", that’s why i wrote this-

I love her, but she is so broken and this is the truth.
I mean, I didn’t think sigma was broken but this is so over the top.

Her ult should be for someone with a boring kit to balance it, but she has two burst dmg abilities and can fly even better than Pharah.

Why even bother to pick someone with a longer ult charge when you can just pick her and be safe while using your ult?

she’s not viable in 100% of scenarios. And she’s quite vulnerable in a lot of cases. She’s not a guaranteed win, that’s for sure. I’ve seen some streamers even saying they don’t think she’ll even see much play in OWL.

Just take longer than a day to really assess how “broken” she is.


People need to calm down about Echo. Characters always enter the PTR a little bit busted, then they get fixed. That’s why they start off in the PTR…

I’m worried they will ruin her with their “fix”


I don’t think they will. They seem to be genuinely trying to better the game right now, and the best thing to do is wait and see what happens. It’s all you can do.


1 ult per transform is not a good idea, because then lower value ults would never get used. Like Tracers, since it’s a skillshot to hit

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I mean, I have a highlight of me getting 3 2 person pulse bombs on Busan with her ult. So no, it does happen, and that’s the exact reason why it’s so powerful, if you play it well, echo entirely breaks the ult economy