How to customize on-fire point and highlight point?

I hope to increase the on-fire counter and highlight counter by the values I specify when players perform certain actions I’ve designated. This way, when the goals I’ve set are achieved, the players will enter an on-fire state, and the person who completes the most of my set goals will take the highlight stage.

there is no directly way to modify the on fire points in any way with the workshop.
that being said, its not impossible. certain actions that give on fire CAN be done with the workshop, Damage, Kill, Heal, Etc.

(I recommend healing as it wont give a Kill/Hitmaker sound)

All You need to do is do something that does give on fire points do it to a Dummy Bot if available, then undo that so the Bot is ready the next time. (just tinker with the values until the right amount is given)

The Only downside is this will also Generate ultimate charge for the player, and without knowing the independent values of EVERY heros ultimate charge, stored in an array you cant remove this charge accurately since the Kill/Damage/Heal with provide Ultimate Points, Not Ultimate %Charge.

this is doable I have an entire code dedicated to modifying the Ultimate Charge stuff buts its quite annoying to work with. (Code is “28G90” if you want to have a look or copy the heros Ultimate Points Value)

I Would Recommend Doing Some Research on What Causes the On Fire Points and Try your Best to find a method that doesn’t give Ultimate Points a well.

you can also trying applying damage to a member of the players team I know that doesn’t give Ultimate Charge, its not my first response because I’m not sure if it’ll still give on Fire but if you ask me its worth a shot!

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