How to contact forum admin/mod?

Is there an actual way to contact an admin/mod? I see you can click on their name, but there is no way to actually message them. On most other forums you can actually message the forum admins/mods. Kind of sad if there isn’t.

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Believe me, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and effort on it even if that were available. :neutral_face: They punish people for reporting death threats (or related negative things) or just people being friendly in general.

What do you have in mind, if it’s no trouble for me to ask?


You can always try and contact blizzard directly via their support page, you just have to go through the steps.

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Blizz devs don’t like to be contacted by us low life people. Our input is a waste of their time.

Meanwhile over on the Heroes of the Storm forums they have a section just for hero skin suggestions. Heroes of the Storm Forums

The WoW forums also have an awesome set of sub-forums for various things.

The Overwatch forums? NAW, we’re just like the left over trash people I guess.


Oh, I just wanted to guide them to a thread that is full of harassment & has been derailed. I know we can use the little flag to report, but you only have so many a day you can report (for some odd reason).

Sucks that they just let go of a bunch of staff (or so I have read) - Maybe they need more forum mods to help them. IDK.

Yeah, I have done this in the past & they messaged me back saying they couldn’t help me. So, IDK who actually could. Seems to depend fully on who gets the messages &/or what kind of mood they are in at the time. No consistent professionalism, sadly.

I’d have to agree.

Be careful about flagging posts, though. I do know many people who’ve righteously flagged some pretty cruel posts and been punished for it.


Thanks, man. I will. I wouldn’t be surprised if I were banned/suspended just for making this thread, at this point.

They’ve probably already punished everybody who participated in the thread. They don’t always lock them unless it gets real raunchy.

“Hi mod, what’re you doing now?”

After the Activison “snap” and firing a bunch, they became even worse than before…just wait out the ban, it’s not worth to talk to them, they don’t want to help you

Hi BandiBaby,

If it’s forum-related issue, please report the thread/post in-question that you think may be infringing on the forum rules/guidelines. If you’re trying to contact a Blizzard representative for potential assistance with an account issue, please reach out here.

Thank you.


Why do you want to contact a mod or admin?

Yeah, this. Don’t even bother. I repeatedly got mocked by level 1 “customer
service” agents and finally managed to get a request escalated to level 2 just to have the level 2 agent also mock me and tell me that the rules were open to their interpretation and that they decided that I “implied” something bad (while also admitting I didn’t break any rules, and yes I have screenshots.) Complete waste of time, Blizzard’s CS is worse than Comcast’s somehow.


Trust me you do not wanna be banned even for little stuff like flagging. I have before and it adds up. Im on last warning suspension wise and if it happens again im gone for good. Its not based on the severity of what you did, rather the frequency

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But is it worse than EA?

That’s the true bottom of the barrel CS. Trust me. I spent 6 months trying to contact them over my game Spore not accepting the key. They kept insisting that “whoever sold me the game, didn’t give the full key”

I bought it when it came out. So unless they’re saying that Best Buy who was a distributor sold me their game that was factory sealed didn’t give the full key, I was contacting the ones who sold me the game.

After getting 15+ people about the same issue, one guy just gave me a new key. I told him he needs a raise.

6 years later and I still hope he got that raise.

Anyways, yeah, EA… Nothing can top EA


hey tom, can you check this bug ?

WB grappling claw doesnt attach the the lower part of the paris poit b statue, same can be seen on payloads (sometimes) and the middle point of point b in volskaya

Pretty sure that’s not his job, also it’s not a bug.

Those surfaces would be considered the ‘floor’, which grapple isn’t supposed to hook onto.

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